Keyworker Children

During the Covid Outbreak and the following months and with the end still not exactly clear, there has been the creation of Keyworkers, lockdowns, restrictions, challenges, obstacles and changes to all our lives, some of those changes will be the new norm, but with all of this and so many conversations about it all, including on my own blog, I wondered the last few days about how it affects my kids, who ultimately are Keyworker children.


Since day one of the Covid situations I have been working I’ve worked for a few retailers in my past but working in a shop at the time meant I was classed as a keyworker, especially at the lockdown parts of it all where we were the only ones working, and then as it progressed just some of the few retailers working, Boo also joined a retailer that meant she was a key worker, which went alongside her normal Influencer role.  In all this time the schools have been on and off in their opening so kids have been at school but then at times not.

Looking on social media I can see countless parents at home with their kids, either one of them if not both, and I appreciate some people have mixed emotions being at home for most of the time with the kids but I ponder about our kids, their kids will like being at home with family but also playing with their toys/and games in amongst their school work, don’t get me wrong kids will miss the chance to go outside or go to school to see friends but they will no doubt enjoy the element of spending more time at home.

Our Kids

Our kids though have generally been at school, in the January lockdown Roo is at home but Piglet and Tigger are at school, we don’t mind leaving Roo at home as she is much older but the other two is a little bit different, Piglet I have no doubt loves being at school I actually think her not being a school has made her sad at times, shes that social girl, so those times where she didn’t go to school for her were not great.

As for Tigger, though he likes school and his friends, he’s approaching a teenager and enjoys gaming, he would happily play games at home with his friends as much as he could, and I think at times it’s tricky because he comes home from school and they have been playing most of the day etc. Roo is a full-blown teenager so she doesn’t want to be at school….but she gets bored at home because she would love to be around her friends.

We are a family that’s had the privilege and opportunity to visit a few places and had some great days out, and I do wonder that over the last year we have hardly been out to anything, this isn’t exactly a big problem, but I try to give the life to my kids that I didn’t have, there is a part of me that thinks it’s nice they have had a break because they might appreciate the places we’ve been even more, especially if we are able to go back, but they are missing almost a year of their lives being restricted and stuck at home, I would rather keep them safe but it’s just a bit sad.

Its an interesting time and with us going to work, part school time, not being able to go to places I really hope the kids are fine with all, let’s be honest Easter wasn’t cancelled, summer was muted and a bit random, Halloween almost didn’t exist and Xmas was very low key, let alone there birthdays that were mild celebrations, but it was nice we were all together and I can’t imagine how they must be feeling about it all, I worry working a lot as Boo does, it difficult for the kids in this times but there’s little I can do about it, and I wonder in years to come how they will look back at it all.


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