Top Tips For Buying A New Car


Whether you’ve encountered issues that you need to avoid with your car or are simply looking for a change, buying a new car can be a lot of fun. However, it’s also one of the more significant (read: costly) expenses you’ll encounter during the course of the year, meaning you must think carefully about which car you’re stepping into.

Top Tips For Buying A New Car

With that in mind, we’ve put together some top tips for buying a new car! 

Set your budget

The first step towards buying a new car is deciding how much you can spend on the vehicle itself. Remember, it’s generally advised that you “cap transportation expenses at 10% of your general income” to avoid landing yourself in a difficult situation further down the line.

It’s not only the upfront costs you need to take into account during this time. You also need to gauge how much it will cost to run and maintain the car, as some are more expensive than others. 

Start by selling your old car

Selling your old car will not only free up space on your driveway but could also add to your car-buying budget, making it easier for you to purchase the car of your dreams. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to find companies that buy cars from drivers, which means you should be able to get a good price for your current vehicle, provided that it remains roadworthy. 

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Be practical

While you may dream of pulling up to work in a Rolls Royce or speeding down the road in a sports car, the truth is that you have to be both practical and realistic when shopping for a new car. For example, a sports car isn’t the most practical choice for school commutes and family trips. Nor is it the most economical for those working within a tight budget. 

A sales advisor will usually be able to advise you when it comes to choosing which car is right for you, based not only on your finances but also on your lifestyle and needs. 

Go for a test drive

One of the most “fun” parts of buying a new car is taking it for a test drive. After all, getting behind the wheel is more effective than imagining yourself behind the wheel, whether you’re buying a brand-new car or a vehicle from a second-hand dealership. It also makes it easier to narrow down your choice of vehicle. Once you’re confident in your choice, you can begin to think about other factors, such as which colour car or vehicle you’d like.

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Get the right insurance 

Once you’ve bought your next car, be sure to adjust your insurance policy accordingly. Not only is this a great way to protect your best interests, but driving an uninsured vehicle is a crime with very serious consequences.

Use a price comparison website to ensure you’re not overpaying for your insurance, and don’t feel as though you have to remain with your current provider if they aren’t providing you with access to the best prices or the most comprehensive support. 


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