Look After Yourself, Dad: You Deserve It Too


As a dad, you might not often hear how much you are appreciated, how much you are needed, or be told what a great job you’re doing. It’s not fair that this is how it is, but that doesn’t change things either. However, if you are present, if you are there for your kids and you are doing everything that you can to be the best dad that you can be, then you deserve to be noticed. At the very least, you deserve to take care of yourself as well as everyone else around you.

In this article, that’s what we’re going to be looking at – some of the ways that you can look after yourself. Keep reading if you are interested in learning about some of the tips that we’ve got for you.

Take Some Time For Yourself

To kick things off, we’re going to recommend that you take some time for yourself. We know that sometimes it feels as though everything is going to fall apart while you are taking some time for yourself, but we can assure you that this is not going to happen. Admitting that you need a break and that you’re going to go and take some time for yourself is not a bad thing, it’s a healthy thing. We are all only human at the end of the day, and if you are not giving yourself a break from all of the demands of your life then you are going to burn out, it’s as simple as that.

Even if you only want to take an hour or so, do that. Have a nice shower without someone interrupting you. Go on a nice walk outside and get some fresh air. Get a haircut. Go to the gym. Do something for yourself and for yourself alone because that is what is going to help you feel better.

Look After Yourself, Dad: You Deserve It Too

Look At Your Insecurities

We also want you to take some time to look at the things that you may be insecure about when it comes to you. We know that this is hard, and it can feel gut wrenching to do this and admit that you have any of these, but we promise it’s for the best. We say this because once you know what they are, and once you voice them out loud, you can start working on a way to make them disappear.

For example, if you want to examine your hair loss and then look into options to either get implants or purchase a wig, then you do that. If it’s your body that you’re insecure about, that’s okay, diet and exercise are great places to start.

You’re not going to rid yourself of these overnight, but admitting them brings you one step closer to looking after yourself in the way that you deserve to.

Find Help From Other Parents

There are other parents who have been where you are. Other parents have had ups, and they have had downs, they have struggled and they have laughed. There is not a single parent out there who doesn’t know what it’s like to need help, so it’s okay to ask for it. You can join groups on social media that are dedicated to giving advice to people who need it, but do be aware of trolls and don’t let any of their ridiculous comments get you down. Trust us when we say that for every rude person, there are ten waiting to put them in their place and remind them that we’re all human.

As a dad, you often feel as though you are expected to know everything. How to do everything, how to be everything that everyone needs, and this is simply not the case. It’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to ask what is needed from you in certain situations and ask for advice when you want it. You don’t have to know it all.

Look After Yourself, Dad: You Deserve It Too

Rely On Your Friends And Family

Sometimes in order to look after yourself, you need to rely on the people who are around you. The saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ didn’t come from nowhere, you know? It really does take a village, it’s not supposed to be one or two people struggling on their own all of the time.

We promise you that if you have surrounded yourself with the right people, they are going to be more than happy to help you out when you need it. If it’s a couple of hours to yourself, ask them to babysit. If it’s just so that you can catch up to sleep, ask them to come round and watch the kids for a while.

Those people who love you will always be there when you need them, remember that when you are struggling, thinking that you’ve got to do it all alone.

Give Yourself Some Grace

A point we feel that it’s really important to make is that you need to give yourself some grace, dad. Now, this is often something people say to moms who are struggling, but there is absolutely no reason the same is not true for you as a dad. You’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to get things wrong, your feelings are going to get the better of you at some point. All of these things are fixable, and they are what make us human so do not dwell on them for too long. Yes, you need to learn from mistakes that you make, but give yourself some grace and understand that everyone does it.

Look After Yourself, Dad: You Deserve It Too

Final Thoughts

So, there you go then. If you’re a dad and you’re not looking after yourself the way that you should be, and the way that you look after everyone else, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Not only this, but what kind of things are you teaching your kids? You need to be at your very best so that you can give them your very best, and that’s all there is to it. We hope that you take this advice moving forward, and we hope that you somehow manage to take care of yourself a little more in the future.

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