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Geek Gear is a brand that operates mostly online and focuses on Pop culture, in which you can purchase some things individually and via mystery boxes. They theme mystery boxes like Harry Potter, Marvel, TV, Film, Gaming and many other Pop Culture references etc, but some are completely random. This is the forth Geek Gear “Best Ever” Mystery box we are doing, the option we choose this time was adults.

As a family, we like a range of pop culture items, from games to films, to TV, so when we get these mystery boxes there is generally always something for someone, they can be random but can be an excellent and some great fun, generally, you get your money worth as these often a discount being bundled together.

Assassins Creed

This is one of the biggest gaming franchises of the last 15 years and has produced multiple games or different platforms, I would say almost all gamers have played one of them at some point, I myself have had an on and off-again relationship with it, this like the WOW sword was in similar build in quality, it’s from Assasins Creed 3, it may not be my favourite version of the games or the best weapon, but it’s still good, the blades etc are most recognisable but the weapon is a good representation of it and feels good.


Surprisingly in most of these boxes, you don’t often see Hats, I don’t know why but in all of these boxes over the years we’ve had about 2, however, this one was very good for two reasons, it’s black which means it goes with most occasions and the hearts logo signifying lives available in-game for most will look generic and again appeal to more people.IronmanThe small scale Helmet of the original ironman suit is pretty cool, we’ve actually already got one so I will gift this to a friend, but this is pretty good, its weight shows the surprising quality and the detail means that most people will recognise it.

Legend of Zelda

Unlike the hat earlier, Notebooks are often in Boxes/crates of these type and ive often said are some of the best quality items you get, and this Zelda one was no different at all, the brown makes it look old and tradional while the patten on the front is excellent.


So Warhammer has been around for many years in many different forms, his booster pack was for the Trading Card game, perhaps not its most recognisable form but still carries history and knowledge, I’m not a big fan of these type of items in boxes as it’s not a one-off, there almost useless without the rest.


The second Ironman item is arguably the coolest, Tigger reads a lot and loves Ironman so seeing this bookmark I was so pleased for him, some Ironman boots at the bottom allows it to stand while not in use while the bookmark part itself fits the book fine, the slogan somes up the Avengers “If we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it”


Part of choosing the adult box also meant the size, which means a traditional T-Shirt was present, I like having these and are often great and add real value t the box, This one was Pokemon themed, you can argue there will be a few adults that aren’t thrilled by this, as perhaps its more of a kids version hough I to understand that Pokemon being around over 20 years meant there are adults that have grown up on, the design is fine but for me perhaps a shirt for home or under a jumper, which is rare for me.

Baby Yoda

There’s often prints around these boxes and they can be excellent, some well worthy of a frame and being hung, this one is of Baby Yoda, one of these hottest pop culture of the last year, personally even though I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but this almost pale picture of him is a little disappointing for me, some may like it but it just looks a little bland, I get it, its like a hand-drawn picture and again for some, they will love this.

Back to the Future

Heads up, this is last because its quite simply my favourite thing in a box of all time, the License plate from the Delorian is excellent, I love it, it will stay with me forever as Back to the Future is one of my favourite films, its made out of tin I believe so has that feel to it but in reality its an excellent showpiece.


You get quite a lot in here, some may be small or thin but it did feel there was a few items in it, the range is generally very good, the shirt is ok but the design perhaps should have been kids the option but it’s being fussy, the hat was good as was Zelda book, the baby Yoda for some will be an excellent item, for me, I’m ok on it but not thrilled.

The helmet is a little specific for some but I like it as a display, the Warhammer booster was easily the worst thing here but on the flip the Ironman Bookmark was excellent, The Assasins creed Axe is still good even though I have some questions about it but if you building a selection of weapons for it then it’s great.


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