Geek Gear Mystery Box | Box 3

Geek Gear is a brand that operates mostly online and focuses on Pop culture, in which you can purchase some things individually and via mystery boxes. They theme mystery boxes like Harry Potter, Marvel, TV, Film, Gaming and many other Pop Culture references etc, but some are completely random. This is the Third Geek Gear “Best Ever” Mystery box we are doing with us choosing the Kids options.

Disney Lion King

When choosing the Kids version we also had to choose the size, this was basically because of the Tee (T-Shirt) inside the box would fit whomever you were aiming for, we went for Tigger as Roo is practically at that small adult size, but Tigger was still growing, this Tee was based on the Lion King showing them in the Kunamata song in front of the moon etc. the design is good and is on a Black shirt, which is ultimately a great all-around colour, it isn’t too kiddy so Tigger is ok with it though its at the top end of it.

Legend of Zelda

Majora Mask for some Nintendo fans is one of the most recognisable things, and this little mask is pretty cool and feels excellent and well made, with Tigger playing Zelda for the first time recently he will appreciate it.


Lightseekers is a tabletop card game much like MTG, Yugioh, Pokemon etc and works with collecting cards to build your deck or Order, this is a starter pack that gives you enough to get going but you can add and change the deck or order to suit your play style, the website has a database of cards and there are boosters and starter decks available at shops etc, I’m someone that has played MTG for years so I know what type of game it is.

Nintendo Keyring

These days Tigger is a big fan of Nintendo so he appreciates anything Nintendo, this Keyring is fine, the? box that you get power or something similar from it is fine, let’s be honest in the word of  Mario etc there are many other things that would make a better design and Keyring but if you were building a collection it’s ok.

World of Warcraft

The Sword Frostmourne is Legendary in the lore of WOW, and arguably one of the best expansions for WOW was centred around it and Arthas, these weapons displays are good, they aren’t filled with detailed and prized collections but they are neat for a fan of WOW, I use to play it and I loved this story and the expansion so it was great for me to see it. Its detail is still good enough, it doesn’t feel cheap and would break straight away but it’s also not a letter opener standard or blade so don’t feel like you can wield it.


This pillow/cushion cover is a very different thing to be in these mystery boxes and is an excellent addition especially to a pokemon fan, which Tigger is, this shows different Pokemon Balls in a pattern, now the cushion/pillow inside doesn’t come with it obviously so you will need to find one, its a little small so more like s small cushion and the material isn’t really soft, its much more of a support/display piece.


Now I’ve been able to open many Mystery boxes I often find the posters some of the best things in there, and for me again this Nintendo Luigi based one is once again excellent, some people might not think so but I often think this with a small cheap white frame would look great, Tigger likes Luigi so for him this is great.


If you are fan of Nintendo then this box is actually quite successful, Pokemon cushion, Luigi Posters, Nintendo keyring, Majora Mask are all great things if you know them and as before the quality of these items are good, as is the WOW Sword though I don’t personally believe its Kids for a 10-year-old its good to have a sword… Lightseekers Starter Pack is something different, it’s not super popular but again its something different that a kid may not have seen before,

The Tee is ok a black shirt with a simple pattern design is good though I know Tigger isn’t that fussed about it and I think a few boys would struggle to wear it at a certain age but it’s a good Tee for under a jumper etc and the occasional wear around the house.


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