Decorating Your Porch For A Backyard Holiday Party

Remember to use holiday decorations on your porch! Party décor for your porch could include simple props or elaborate designs. Porch ideas are as intricate or minimalist as your budget permits. Are you ready to get decorating?


Party Décor: Extension of Interior Decorating

Making the porch flow seamlessly into the home’s interior is a practice that interior decorators have long employed for added visual appeal. Capitalize on this thought by making your holiday decoration flow just as seamlessly. If you lavishly decorate inside with rope lights and garlands, make sure you also use them on your porch. Ideas for weatherproof counterparts to interior party décor are light strands rated for exterior use and plastic garlands rather than real flora.

Porch: Ideas for Inexpensive Party Decorating

Invest in some cheap outdoor rugs, a chiminea, flora – real or fake – and plenty of holiday decoration. Add outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements and spilled food. Resist the temptation to cram your porch full of cheap folding chairs. An uninviting space will not cause a lot of guests to migrate outside unless the interior of your home is hopelessly crammed.

Party Décor from the Grocery Store

Even if you associate the purchase of holiday decorations with a trip to the big box home improvement store, last-minute grocery store runs can get you quite a bit of porch party décor. Thanksgiving is perfect for copious pumpkins – available for a song from the grocery store after Halloween – and corn husks. Hanukkah will be well served with blue and white streamers. Christmas is an easy mix of red, green and white; use ribbons or plastic tablecloths that you cut into strips. The grocery store is a veritable cornucopia of impromptu holiday decorations you can put on the porch.

Holiday Decoration from the Great Outdoors

Porch ideas for holiday decoration can also come from as close as your backyard or the neighbourhood park. Collect dried leaves and pine cones; make centrepieces for tables on your porch, or merely place bowls of leaves and cones all around the porch. While this may not offer much of a successful décor if the area is blanketed in snow, it is a nice way of capitalizing on the dry days when there is neither snow nor rain.

Decorating with Homemade Party Décor

Get the kids to work on homemade holiday decorations. Make a banner that spells out the happy holiday wishes; let the kids make drawings that can be cut out and mounted on the wall or glass of the sliding door. Let them use sticks, cornstalks, gourds and even leftover Halloween candy to make scarecrows, reindeer or whatever holiday decorations you need. It has been my experience that these kinds of décor items become the most cherished over the years.


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