Film Night’s

In our house, we enjoy a good film and spending time at Film Night’s, through the years we have watched all sorts in the back round, during the day, or on an evening. A while ago we decided to make a family film night, Piglet is too young for these evenings. But don’t worry most days she has a film on anyway, frozen, Harry Potter, Moana almost any animated film you can think of she would watch.

Film night's

To be honest, I really love watching films and is my favourite thing to do, we are limited in going out because of the lack of childcare, so I’ve tried my best to incorporate a (budget) cinema experience in our own home. I’ve got a big 4k TV, Sonos surround setup, subscriptions to various movies streaming services, sky, Netflix, prime etc… I also do buy a selection of films, though these days I have stopped buying as much because of the streaming services. I’ve started buying the Movies with keep from Sky store as with streaming services ultimately films come and go.

So the kids have really gotten into this, Friday nights tend to be the night due to school, we like to do stuff as a family on a weekend and could be back late so its easier for planning to be on a Friday. Having the four of us sitting down together with how busy all four of us are? is a rare occasion over the week.

It’s been a rotation on the choice to make a fair on us all,  We have watched films like Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Jumanji original and new, transformers, a whole selection of Marvel films, Mamma Mia 1 and 2, Ready player 1. The obvious rule is if it’s not your turn then you can’t complain. We are a little limited on the Bluray collection we have and the streaming services, so i do tend to steer people in a direction but ultimately I don’t really mind what we watch.

We’ve begun to add snacks into our evenings, Tigger being a fussy eater, is limited so we tend to have white cookies or Custard Creams (plain ones no posh flavour ones) for him to have. Roo likes cake or Popcorn, or starbursts. Chocolate is never unwanted lol. Boo and I aren’t too fussed not as we try to eat healthier based on our intolerance’s and how things react as we have got older.

But in reality, some chocolate or cake for Boo goes down well. As for me, I’m not that fussed nowadays, id happily take biscuits with a coffee! I had butterkist popcorn last week but for someone who doesn’t have sugar? it was a bit sweet lol.

For us this is a big thing, for others, it might not be, they go out or watch films etc… all the time or at least once a week, but myself and Boo don’t have that option, so we have to take what we can get. I’m more than happy spending time with the kids and trying to make something simple bigger.

Directing my finances in a different cost-saving direction as opposed to going out or buying a new film every week and capitalising on Streaming. With the ability to use Prime, Disney Plus, SKY and Netflix the hopeful cost of buying films has reduced as we take advantage of the streaming services, let’s be honest there’s a whole host of films for the kids to catch up lol.

I hope the kids look back and think this was a great time as I look forward to this every week and its one of my favourite things and a chance to still get them to spend time together.



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