Lego 75262 – Star Wars 20th Anniversary Imperial Dropship

Lego 75262 Star Wars Imperial Dropship is part of the 20th Anniversary collection that celebrates 20 years of Lego and Star Wars, in which they have released a small number of sets to commemorate their partnership. This set is the smallest of the bunch with 105 pieces but a might 5 minifigures to help the price of £19.99 which could come across as expensive.

Lego 75262

We own the rest of the 20th Anniversary sets so it was a must-buy, partly because of this, and partly because of it being star Wars. However, it does also have a unique Han Solo figure redone in the style of the 2000 model. Being £19.99 it wasn’t an expensive set and to be honest we didn’t pay that, so ultimately it was worth picking up to complete, though it’s worth reminding this ship hasn’t actually been in Star Wars, Lego created this so it might be worth noting.

The Build…

The build itself was very simple, Tigger completed it fast and with no issues, the Shadow Tropper Mini-figure looks good, it’s missing a symbol on the chest for super accuracy but the black armour and printed decal looks fine, a default trooper head is underneath.

He comes with Stud shooters, much like the 3 Storm Trooper that accompanies him, these are the new style storm troopers, obviously, there’s been many through the years but these ones have a specially moulded helmet, it cant turn for play but still, it looks much closer to the films, the rest of the white and printed design is spot on and is pretty standard but good now.

With the set is a special mini-figure, each set has one and with this, it’s Han Solo, he is from the original Millennium Falcon from the year 2000. Han looks great in the traditional yellow head and reddish-brown hair. His shirt is more cream which matches the film more and his trousers are a brighter blue, like the other special figures a silver 20th on the back is a major distinction.

The Dropship itself as mentioned earlier doesn’t actually appear in the films, its small and designed for a pilot and stormtroopers to fly in quick, then quickly jump out or on the ship before it flies off. Its blue and grey design is similar to the original one but in reality, its a lot different from the 2008 version,

An angle cockpit glass covers the pilot though he can still see out to side as well with the openings, the detachable drop at the back works fine with a slight lift and of the arm it’s free, though when it’s separate both look odd and a bit boring, and that’s perhaps the problem with it, there could have been more stickers, and design work but in reality its a cheap battle pack ESC.


Overall it’s not the greatest set, I’m not a lover of battle packs though I know some are, and they can be useful for armies and displays etc…but the fact that it’s not in the film would annoy me lol. But that aside its got 5 mini-figures, which isn’t too bad to have in your collection, and the dropship is ok, just a bit boring, that’s not being too harsh but will have some ok play value to it, it just doesn’t set the world alight in design or collection.

I wouldn’t buy this normally, to be honest, if it’s cheap yes, much like battle packs, I only look at them if they are around £10, so £19.99 is pricey, but I only bought this for the 20th collection and is not on the top of my recommendation at all.

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