What To Do With Your Kids’ Forgotten Toys

What To Do With Your Kids’ Forgotten Toys, Kids outgrow their toys all the time. They also ask for new toys and games and never play them, even if they promise they will before you buy them! As a result, you end up with toys all over the floor, LEGO pieces that are painful to step on, and Barbie dolls that end up face down in the mud outside. When you think about it, that’s a lot of money going to waste! 

But what can you do? When your kids outgrow or seem to forget about their toys, how can you recoup some of the cost, or simply live with peace of mind knowing the toys will be going to a new home? Here are some tips that could help.

Donate Them

Donating forgotten toys and games is a good way to pay a bit of kindness forward, seeing as these items tend to be the first to go in charity shops and donation drives. If the toy or game itself is a common, mass produced item that won’t fetch any significant money on Ebay or Vinted, it’s best to just donate and get it out of the house. This frees up the toy box, gives your kids the space to find something else to focus on, and helps declutter the house overall. 


Trade Them in

Some toys and games are more valuable than others, such as trading card games, older video games, and exclusive limited edition dolls. If your kids have any of these and don’t use them anymore, you may be able to trade them in for something of equivalent value or for your money back. 

Take Pokemon cards as a good example for this. Trading Pokemon Cards is a popular pastime for a lot of hobbyists, but if you have an avid Pokemon collector in the family who doesn’t quite love the series anymore, send the cards into an exchange and see what you can get for them. 

Box Up and Sell

Selling kids’ toys can bring mixed results, but the more exclusive and/or rare the item in question, the more likely it is to sell, even if for a low price. Any money you can get back is a boon, though, so be sure to throw these listings up on online auction sites or Facebook marketplace to see what you can get. 

Old toys from the late 90s and early 00s are super popular at the moment as well. If you have any pieces from your childhood that you handed down to your kids that they don’t use anymore, get them into an auction and off to a good home. It might be hard to say goodbye, but sometimes that’s necessary to help build your budget back up. Anything truly sentimental, however, should be removed from the toybox and put back into safe storage. 

If your kids move on from toys very quickly, apply the rules above to keep the house tidy and your budget in a healthy place.


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