Our love of Dinosaurs

In our house we love Dinosaurs, all of us have played with toys, watched films, Seen TV shows, visited Dinosaur attractions, even played computer games based on them, our knowledge is fairly ok as we’ve seen and read so many but with all of this we all still really love Dinosaurs, there always something we enjoy.

Growing Up

Growing up I was a typical boy and like dinosaurs, as many kids did when they were young they had dino toys and played with them, the Dinobots were even my favourite on Transformers, but when Jurassic Park came out, it changed everything, not only was it a masterpiece in cinematic film, and graphically was groundbreaking, I was amazed by it all. I saw it at the cinema and was stunned by it, since then I’ve watched them all, and will watch the first at least once a year.

Naturally, as we had kids they began to love dinosaurs, they all like the films, even Piglet, she may be a little young but she loves to see them, this has then followed onto days out. We’ve visited a few places but one of the best things and things we’ve always enjoyed, is attractions with Dinosaurs, whenever there’s been some that have always been the part we had to visit. For the kids especially its a chance to see something more lifelike and understand the size etc, for them its ability to get up close, even i still get excited to see the displays.

Dinosaur places

At Paradise Wildlife Park is a dinosaur section, it has a zoo etc but with the kids, we enjoyed the dinosaur area, in particular, this is largely down to the number of dinosaurs and practically all of them all moved in some way, the animatronics and sounds added that more real-life effect which wowed the kids when we first went there, Boo and I have been to a few as we have said but we thought this was pretty cool.

Locally to us is a Roarr Dinosaur adventure park, which has a lot dinosaur-themed activities and dinosaur displays, the dinosaurs themselves generally look good, not moving and not many sounds but still look good, the ones on the walk which are much older perhaps look a bit overdue for a makeover but the walks nice, however, that doesn’t detract you from the enjoyment of the dinos

Recently the kids have been playing ARK, a dinosaur game, I’ve played it for a couple of years on and off I do think it’s partly down to that they wanted to play it, but then its also the ability to play a game together surrounded by dinos, which also has helped their knowledge and actually learnt some stuff lol.


Roo favourite dino has now changed several times because of this, as for me and Tigger, we often have a debate about it, mine has been a Triceratops for a long time, though Tigger likes them, it’s changed for T-rex, Raptor, Stegosaurus, and a few others,  these have been changing a lot with indo raptor and anything else he sees, as for Piglet, she just likes dinos, though I think we all have soft spots for Bronto or brachiosaurus in the house.


But we do love Dinos, it’s one of the things that we all have a bond in, we even have clothes etc with dinos on, but they are special, something we really enjoy, no doubt we will at least watch one of the films soon, or play a game with them in it, or even just play with the dinos that’s currently on Piglets floor lol, but im fine with that and im proud that my love of dino has come through to the kiddies.

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