I’m a Geek, but aren’t we all nowadays?

Let’s be honest for years Geek had a stigma to it, Geeks, Nerds, or whatever you wanted to call them had that thing about them, they were always seemed inferior, not cool or something wrong with them, Films, TV real life didn’t help there cause at all, essentially adding fuel to fire but as pop culture and life has changed in the last 20 years, are we now at the point where Geek, etc is now a pop culture reference and actually pretty standard and almost cool? to some people


Growing up

Growing up I was in that era of pop culture things were known as a bit nerdy, Geeky, etc, Games, certain Films, the way you looked and dressed, what music, etc.. were all see as a bit derogative and almost frowned upon, there were “nerds” etc before the ’80s and 90’s but from the ’80s onwards it was arguably more about the stuff you liked and wore which were largely based on these areas.

Don’t get me wrong in places like America( still now in some places) it was turned up to max in some of these instances and the UK wasn’t as bad, but still growing up you were given that impression. Gaming took a long time to become Cool and an everyday thing, same with PC’s now we can’t live without them on our phones etc, those Films, Franchises, TV shows, etc have been come some of the biggest things in the world, across Super Heroes, Scify like Star Wars and Star Trek, and even Fantasy like Harry Potter, LOTR, GOT and Witcher.

Turn of the Millennium

Since that turn of the millennium you could argue that’s when it all changed, people before felt comfortable to do, watch and wear what you like, the new generation was embarrassing all these Pop culture things around them, they had no years of Stigma around them, suddenly it was cool to wear Gaming, or TV shows, film, comic book etc, but not only was it cool but no-one really cared if it was Cool or not.

These days it’s the era of being whatever you want to be, like, and do what you feel is best and want to do, this door was now widely open and has grown from strength to strength. Obviously, there are still many people that won’t completely get it, but even most of those will like something that was inherently classed as Geek.

In our House

In our house, as you will notice across the blog and social media being Geeks, and that’s the point everyone is these days, for the kids they are growing up in that world that’s it’s just simply normal to like any of that pop culture items, or even just simply a game, stream etc. For me I fully embarrass it, when I was younger I couldn’t, and I just went along with all enjoying other parts of my life but now it’s a huge part of my life, and for many it’s there’s as well.


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