Lego 75957 – The Knight Bus

Lego 75957, The Knight Bus is based on the Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Film, more so over the Book, and contains 3 Mini Figures and 403 pieces, it’s RRP £29.99. It portrays Harry being collected on the Knight bus with the Driver, Conductor and Shrunken Head in tow. This is the second version of the Bus, the last one came out in 2011 and is considerably different to that one.

Our households are big Fans of all things Harry Potter, so we generally enjoy most of the items that are released in the Toy and collectables world. We never owned the original so were eagerly looking forward to this. As normal Tigger and I built this, he generally likes to build most Lego City vehicles so this was an obvious choice though a bit different.

The Build…

In Bag 1 contains Harry Potter, the typical design from this range with the hair, face and shortened legs, though the double-sided face with two different expressions is great. The Top of Dark blue jacket with a creased blue top looks great and is different from any of the other sets. With him is a standard Brown wand, old school chest with a chocolate bar, letter, transparent yellow potion. He’s also joined By Stan Shunpike, the bus conductor in his stunning purple outfit, hat and printed on the ticket machine, these are all a great touch as well as is his face, that has a rough look to it.

The rest of the bag sees the first level of the bus, the bus is an odd shape in the fact its square, so the length etc. has been designed with that in mind. The Wheel archways and front of the bus is cleverly depicting the film and an old type bus, which would be great to see done on a different set.

Even the underneath has a different design than normal, the driver’s seat is also in the correct place but has the ability to spin round, much like the film. The Sides are generally all windows, the purple continues in all of that, one side has been designed to swing open to see and play.

In Bag 2 more construction of the lower level including the on/off platform at the back, and pole. Spinning it around you can see this on the back, and then at the front the driver compartment with the hanging shrunken head in its own compartment, really nice detail. The second level is easier with just one seat at the back and railing in front of it, with 2 high wall going around and lights and stickers.

The windows go all the way around again like the lower level, then platform made to hold the upcoming detachable roof level, the black is followed by a run of purple flat pieces often used to separate floors in building, these are sturdy as they have stud but mostly still flat, so can come off very easily.

Two signage pieces at the black with stickers, and then the wheels make it mobile, these are connected by a long cross technic bar. The top has 3 sloped edges that will help with the angled roof, The last piece in this bag was the chandelier that gets hung like the film, this is ok, not amazing in design but still fine as this is on a micro-scale anyway.

Bag 3 has the final mini-figure Ernie Prang! he drives the bus and is great in design, very recognisable in this set which is a compliment, his outfit matches the on-screen character as does his printed beard. The rest of the bag contains the bed, which is designed for harry to Lie in but also can slide on the smooth bottom floor, to add to the effect of the hectic ride and things moving all over the place, much like the film!

The roof is angled and curved so this is designed in that way as the back curves up and then the sides are windows, much like the lower floors to continue the design, the front is also on an angle and uses two big windows to angle upwards and inclosed to look great. It’s still all purple and the smooth flat round the top again to allow the final roof pieces to come on and off looks great and completes the look, this floor has a floor which includes a space for the trunk and a newspaper, much like the film.


Overall the set is great, if you have a chance look a the previous one, its so much better in every way, its square shape is bang on and really shows off the design, it could have been a touch bigger to incorporate size to other vehicles and buildings if you were comparing scale. Also inside looks fine but that’s it, just fine, there’s no staircase, there should be some more beds, even just another 1 or 2 would have been fine to add to the effect, but don’t let this distract from a really good set, especially at its price.

If you can get it less than £30 then it’s worth even more. It’s not a complicated set, Tigger was finding everything easy to make, even though there were some different techniques for design and shape, he didn’t struggle at all with it. The Minifigures are solid in there design and again a great representation of the film, as like other sets in the revised series they have little Harry Potter Touches for fans, which is good.

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  • Reply Jemma Webster

    That looks MEGA . . . my boys would love this! Huge Lego fans here too!

    23 November 2019 at 8:29 pm
  • Reply @rainbomino

    I can’t help but love this being a HP fan. Thanks for a solid review… Off to search for it for under £30 ???

    23 November 2019 at 8:33 pm
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