Lego 76104 The Hulkbuster smash-up

Lego 76104 The Hulkbuster smash-up (odd name) is set on the Avenger’s infinity war film. It has 375 pieces and 4 mini-figures with a recommended price of £29.99, it’s the second incarnation of the hulk buster, there’s also a UCS of Hulkbuster but that’s a story for another day. 

Lego 76104

Tigger and I are huge fans of the marvel universe, we have watched and owned all of the films and have collected most of the Lego sets over that time also. We do have the previous version as well as the UCS so I was keen to see this one, and look at its comparison. Let alone Infinity Wars was a great film so this set was a must to add to the collection.

The Build…

Bag 1 sees the first mini-figure in Proxima Midnight, personally, it’s not the greatest rendition of one do the characters, it’s a bit simple and plain. Compared to the actual character it doesn’t hold up. The turret is similar to previous ones but sporting black and purple, Wakanda technology has increased as their input in the universe has. Its a shame the turret doesn’t turn, it’s a little limited on play as you would have to pick and place, each time as it only shoots straight. 

Bag 2 has the second mini-figure in the form of Bruce banner, this seems to be the same mini-figure of him each time. A different colour shirt would have been at least a little better. The beginnings of the Hulkbuster is made with the main body, and head compartment ready for Bruce to pilot. It’s much like the buildable figures of the past with a mixture of technic and lego, to create the moveable parts. 

Bag 3 has an outrider, it’s odd there are just one of these minifigures. In reality, they are much like attack dogs etc.. Several of them and in play value, this would be good to have a few in your collection. The legs for the Hulkbuster is next as these are slightly larger in scale than the body to add stability and strength. The legs are connected separately so allows movement etc, however, the waist and body are not and remains rigid. 

Bag 4 completes the Hulkbuster, the arms attached using ball joints at two points to allow movement and flexibility. The hands look better from the previous version. Falcon rounds off the mini-figures, he is also extremely similar to a previous version, again would have preferred a tweak for infinity wars, his wings club on the back via a clear back holder. These can be taken off if needed for play value. 


Overall the set is cheap enough to warrant a buy, the minifigures are OK as they are nothing too special. 3 of them are essentially the same as before and midnight could have been done better. The hulkbuster is a mixture of some good some and, the design had improved since the last one, it’s much curvier but perhaps doesn’t perhaps have that bulk is should have, it’s height is OK.

I’m not a huge fan of mechs in lego, I know some are so for some fans out there, I get it, and actually, for play value I find mechs much better to own for it, but for a nice display or something? no.

The Arc on the front is a nice touch but the back of it looks terrible as it has a cylinder to turn and the arm responds for play value. It works fine but It looks rubbish, the turret is OK, again a redone element with Wakanda colours. But again the price is fine for the set, and worth the purchase for play and collection. 


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