Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | week 15

I started this Diary review at the beginning of the lockdown to capture what was happening, what or emotions were at the time, and what we thought of it. We are approaching 4 months now since the kids have been a school and I have been at work the whole time as I’m a key worker.


Piglet Returns to School

This week was a continuation of many from recent weeks but with one big difference, Piglet returned to school, we were asked a couple of weeks ago from the school whether she would be returning to her re school class, which is at Tiggers School, however, we initially said no as at the time it didn’t really feel worth it, and we were still unsure the risks etc, but as a couple of weeks go back and more changes to the country at the beginning week we debated it,

Our big thing though was piglet was getting a little bored and our worry for her development, someone whos 4 or 5 are still learning the social skills, and educational skills, whereas Roo and Tigger can be self-reliant a lot more, es they are getting little bored but they know they can still play together or speak to friends, or game and have there homeschooled.

Piglet just doesn’t understand that all and the type of girl she is, she needs that pushing, the creativity, the interaction with others as well as that structure and learning at school, there’s only so much you can do, so she’s back, from the middle of the week, and so far she loved it, she had been mentioning her friends and teacher lots so when she went back she was so pleased to see them all.


I’m still at work and of course, as I’ve mentioned before lockdown for many is over, with the weather split in the tail end of warm and then the beginning of some milder weather it made a refreshing change, but for people they were still out in force, my worry is with the next couple of weeks with things opening up, people will almost certainly abolish the stay safe rules, some might not but many will do whatever they want. We are still selling our old house, needless to say, it’s us, and we always have issues so it’s no surprise this is taking time with seemingly every obstacle possible this year with it.

I’ve tried to work on balance for all of us at home, gaming for me and the kids while working, and with Boo reading and chilling when she’s not working, which is still painfully slow. Next week is a continued balance as we try to integrate the kids to the outside, but also a final push towards ending their school work with less than a month of the actual term left, along with some family time and leisure time, film nights twice a week have been our favourite thing of the last 15 weeks, we were doing several before but we now do 2 a week and this is guaranteed family time.


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