My TV and surround sound are important!

With Surround sound and TV’s, In our household, we don’t spend too much on lavish outlays. We run a tight budget, and avoid big expenditures, very rarely would we spend any large amounts of anything. However, for the last few years, I’ve tried to keep my TV and sound set up fairly up to date.

We are big film fans in the house and have multiple streaming services. We don’t buy films or have a chance to go out to the movies as a family often, so I invest that money into the streaming services, such as sky, netflix, amazon prime. We enjoy watching the TV as a chill-out, I know some families choose not too, or limit how much they watch. That’s their choice and I have no problems with that. But for us we enjoy family time with tv-series and movies. 

The Plan..

Last year I decided that I had saved a little and wanted to get a nice TV and surround set up. I had a surround set up years ago but in those days it was big speakers and wires everywhere, Technology has moved on since then. The last few tv’s we’ve had were moderately sized and OK spec, we had mostly Samsung TV’s as their prices are OK and Boo has got used to them. (she doesn’t like change) 

So where to begin? After an extensive search in different retailers, sat and watched many tv’s, reviewed specs and spoke to many people. I decided to stay with Samsung (obviously because of Boo), and after reviewing several models I settled on the Samsung…… It’s not the best or the most expensive, but certainly, the best and most I’ve ever paid for a TV. 

As for the surround sound, the last set had a big amp, wires everywhere, big sub, the speakers themselves were tall. I was out of the loop with today’s set-up. Again I didn’t want to spend the high amounts that they can cost. I did listen to one in a retailer, it had Dolby atmos built-in, it was £1000! But it did sound amazing! Like being in the cinema! But this was way out of budget. So after much deliberating I settled on a Sonos set up, I know Sonos and they are a solid brand with lots of Options. I went for a Sonos beam and 2 Sonos play 1s (in black). 

The Choice…

Needless to say, I was really pleased, I went for a cinema-style effect as for the most part it worked. As I said earlier there are more expensive versions, and people like LG, Panasonic or Sony. Personal preference, in my opinion, comes down to what you are used to, as they all have positive points to them. The TV looks great, the set up with easy especially with the Samsung….makes the connections far better, plus the hub has massively been improved and sped up.

Being a smart TV you would have wanted it to be faster than previous versions and it was. As for the surround sound, the Sonos app is a really good, the set up was slick and sounds amazing, you can customise it using the app, and add rooms with different speakers.

It turned out much better than I thought it would have, but I have been questioned by people, why the big TV? Why the surround sound? As I mentioned earlier it’s the only thing I get, I don’t waste money, we save on not buying films or going out on nights out. (not that we have child care) we haven’t got any vices or Needless expenses, this is what I wanted and the family makes use of it all of the time, and I’m sure Boo wouldn’t admit it, but she likes the TV, even the size of it. 



  1. 23 April 2019 / 12:29 am

    I dig your set up… I love a good sounding stereo.. I’m more into music but when I want a good movie I want it to sound good as well…

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