My Top 5 Disney Films | Live-Action

Disney is often associated with animated films, rightfully so, and for many years this was the biggest part of there films, but they did move into live-action and have also done some of the more recognisable films in history, but they can also be a little up and down in quality, even some films that you may have not ever thought were Disney Films and vice versa.

With this all being said the list would be a tough one, not only because there are few, but also remembering the better ones, I actually had to look at a list of all Disney films to weed out and remember. I was surprised to see how many, and if anything as the years went on they sped up with Disney channel exclusives, straight to video, sequels etc..But with the list I kept it more classic ignoring the last few years as Disney purchasing Marvel, Star wars etc, as I don’t think this is quite right.

Mary Poppins

There are parts of the animation in this so put this aside, but this 1965 hit is one of the most well-known films in history, we’ve all watched it at least once let’s be honest, and is still watched to this day, Dick Van dyke and Julia Andrews star in this fantastic film that is part of our childhoods, we know the songs, we know the films, I can’t undersell how good this film is.

Pirates of the Carribean

You could argue this is the biggest live-action franchise Disney has had for many years (excluding marvel and star wars now) this was huge, and for me, I really enjoyed the first and most of the second, after that it gets a bit off, they recovered some of it in the last one but with everything that’s happened it looks like that part is over, an all-girl film is apparently more likely now, but whatever happens, this films had a huge impact and elevated Johnny Depp and Orlando bloom to another level, Kira Knightly became a star and had a host of recognisable people by the end of the series of films.

Honey i shrunk the kids

I’m a little biased, this was a film of my youth, I saw this at the cinema when I was very young and thought it was great, the CGI and the making of the film were brilliantly detailed and I loved it, it won’t go down in history as one of the best but I loved it, and at the time it was very popular. It did Spawn sequels but we will ignore that.

Mighty Ducks

Similar to Honey I shrunk the kids, I’m also a little biased on this film, again part of my youth, and again this was a big film at the time, being Disney it spawned many sequels and they weren’t as good, the second was fine, the rest not so much. But the first was great, Emilio Estevez was good, and for me, this is another big film of my youth.

Cool runnings

This film starring John Candy was one of his last,  and one of his best, this semi-true story was excellent and still enjoyed to this day, this tale of an unlike Jamaican Bosley team going to the Olympics was one of the better Live-action Disney films and an excellent feel-good story.


Disney’s body of work is better with Animation, that’s a fact, there are a few that stand out and you can understand why Disney has begun to purchase things like Star Wars and Marvel, this will bulk out there library among others with better quality films, however, there are some excellent Live action films, some that we all hold dear.

Some Alternative films that could in my list

Flight of the Navigator | Its a little weird and I didn’t realise it wad Disney

Tron | Iconic, my friends love it, it’s ok.

National Treasure | This was actually good, one of the better films they have done, goes under the radar a little but a good film.

Princess Diaries | My daughter loved it, many girls from that era will have enjoyed it.

Bedtime Stories | ITs a solid kids film, one of the better ones with Adam Sandler, and a much better modern Disney film.

Bedknob and broomsticks | Similar to Mary Poppins, a classic, there’s a lot of animation though.


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