My Geek Box Mystery Box | Vol 1

My Geek Box is a website that sells a variety of Pop culture items, from toys to Clothing to collector’s pieces, but they also sell mystery boxes that can hold random pop culture items or ones based on a particular theme. They have product’s from some of the biggest brands and pop culture references, including Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Funko, DC, Jaws, Nintendo, Back to the future and many more, these can be one-off purchases or subscriptions for more regular boxes.

In our household, we enjoy many pop culture brands between us all, and we enjoy the element of opening Mystery boxes, they can be a risk if you were after a particular thing but they can be little gems in the quality and goods that you can get, together they are often a cheaper price than if you were to try and buy them separately, this series of boxes are just the simple Mystery box, no exact brand or theme and they retail for around £19.99 and can be an excellent treat or gift.

Jurassic Park

First up was a limited-edition Jurassic Park 25th Anninverasy Coin which is an excellent collector’s piece, don’t get me wrong if you don’t collection coins or like the film then its a bit boring but Tigger and I love the films so…we are fine.

Iron Man

A classic iron man head in the style of a key ring was surprisingly quite bright, but also a little plastic feeling item, it was fine and again we like Ironman, its one of Tiggers favourite as is mine, it’s not quite my type of keyring but Tigger would like it.

Rick and Morty

Now no one in the house knows Rick and Morty except me,  so this is obviously quite specific and aimed at adults, however, the Comic looked good and if your fan of the show it’s a good piece to have, or even frame from a design view.

Sea of Thieves

Heads up! the best thing in the box lol, now it is only a key ring, but I love Sea Of Thieves, it’s been one of the most original games in recent years and is so good, I’ve even done a post about it, Tigger also likes the game so its good for him also, but this keyring was limited edition and I will be keeping it on my keys.

Gears of War

Carrying on the gaming theme from the last, a Pop figure with a character from the Gears of War 5, now gears use to be one of better games, it’s gone a bit up and down in the franchise but I still appreciate it, the kids are a little too young still for it, thus the pop figure is a little wait on them but its good, and if you’re a collector it’s worth it, as a lot of people do collect them.


Remember this is a random mystery box, and it is hit and miss, for some they may have struggled with some of these items, for us and especially Tigger and I, we were more than happy with this, the price was fine, I must admit I got used to getting Tee’s in these style boxes so its a little weird for me, but it’s fine and for some, they like getting them in these boxes, that’s the only downside for me, the rest is still good and though there we a few little things which add volume it doesn’t really take the shine away from the box.


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