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Sea of Thieves is a game made by Rare, and released by Microsoft, And available on Xbox One and PC. It was released in 2018 and just had its anniversary. Be the pirate you want: With musket loaded and grog in hand, the freedom of the pirate life awaits. What will your legend be? An epic multiplayer adventure: Crew up and set sail on memorable voyages.

Make and break your pirate’s code on the Sea of Thieves. A treacherous shared world: Plot your course and set sail for hidden riches. Navigate the perils of a fantastical world and the danger of rival crews, along with character progression and the ability to earn cosmetic designs. With no microtransactions!

sea of thieves

From the begining

I’ve owned this for nearly the whole time it’s been out, I first had it under gamer pass idea. This is where you pay a monthly subscription, but you have access to lots of games and special discounts on games. After a while, I then bought the game when it was half price, however as a gamer pass option this is a great way to play the game along with others in its library.

Initially, when the game came out it felt unfinished, these days several games tend to release at a certain point, there games designers tend to add content as they go. This is not uncommon and sometimes you even have to wait for a paid expansion to get anywhere close to what the game intended to be. But this game felt it needed more, it was a good start, but there wasn’t alot to do, much of the feel was just repeating the same three quests. But don’t get me wrong with this being said, my first impressions and the first month of playing, was that this is a great game and has a solid foundation.

I then found myself waiting for more content and had a brief break. It did trickle out with several key updates including the anniversary during the year. These were big updates and have made the whole experience and feel of the game much better. It’s now different to when it was first launched.
Graphically the game looks pretty, on an Xbox one x or high-end pc, the scenery looks amazing, especially the sea effects when your sailing from Island to island.

The characters are a little animated/cartoonist but that’s essentially their feel of the design and have stuck with it, a bit stereotypical in their design with Pirates but that’s fine. In reality, I would expect the way they have gone with the characters because of the nature of the design. They haven’t gone for mature pirates obviously as this would be a very different game, but a slight cartoon-style fun is fine with me.

The missions are relatively simple and a little repetitive but as I said earlier so much has been added and now there’s more to do while your adventuring from island to island. Whether that be dodging Megladons, krakens, undead ships or finding enemies on islands and extra booty dotted around it. Most of this has been added overtime for free, which makes the argument of whether the game has arguably been in beta over the last year….. But that’s an argument for some another day.

The ability to just jump in is great, you can go from pc to Xbox and then back again, other than the current mission you are doing, you don’t lose your stats, unlocks or money at any point. With Tigger now playing the game aswell we can bounce between the devices easily. However, with the lack of microtransactions, it feels simple and fair and attainable to do stuff. Some games you have to spend money to get the big stuff, here you just play the game.

There’s not a character level up, which means you, your allies, or enemies are all the same level and gets no bonuses for buying stuff just the look, no further benefit to a serious player to an occasional, which would be common in other games, You can help or battle with relative fairness and equality.

Final Thoughts…

Overall it’s a solid game, both Tigger and myself enjoy the game which shows the diversity of the age group it could appeal to. It’s a better game now than a year ago, the free updates have massively improved the game. Yes, some of this should have come out when the game was released but in reality, it’s common these days, people have helped improve what the game needs with play and feedback.

And let’s remember updates were free, the seamless change over between Xbox one and pc is easy. If you own both take advantage of it and in reality take advantage of gamer pass. I did buy this but in reflection, I could have just kept this as gamer pass. There are lots of games on there to play and is a cheap way of expanding your game library for your family.

If you’re a pirate fan you will love this, the pure sailing aspects are nice and relaxing but ramp up the tension when you engage In a battle with another human ship. It does get intense, especially if you have a treasure on board. They could steal it and cash it in! Or a giant Kraken could bring you down to the depths. But overall we enjoyed it, well worth a play. 


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