My Top 5 Comedy Films | 2000’s Edition

Comedy films can mean many things to us and can raise our spirits and change our moods, some people love them some people are not so fussed with them, for me I think they are great and are essential in film life as they can have such a positive impact on you, but narrowing it down on a top 5 can be challenging, and it can be influenced by how makes you feel.

Narrowing down the list would be challenging and cultural changes throughout the last few years have often affected comedy films more than any others, the others saw benefits of technology but these are often not about that. I broke it down to the top 5 before the 2000s and after 2000’s so this one was the latter,

I also looked at pure comedy films and tried as much as I could to say away from other genres as often comedy is used to lighten the mood like in action films, especially in the last 20 years where action comedies are far more available now, so no doubt there will be some films that should be on this list and you are right, but I’ve just tried to be strict but my warning to this list, is there are way too many for me, this is my genre is my era.

Team America World Police

As a fan of South Park, and coming of the back of the movie, I was optimistic about this film but once I heard it was puppets, I was then concerned, they haven’t done many films and Southpark lets be honest was their golden goose and there standard,

However once i watched this I was so pleased in how good this was, don’t get me wrong 2004 was a risky time with terrorism (still is), and peoples opinion of America really wasn’t in a good place(and still isn’t) and it tackles that straight on, and kind sums up there influence in world events and how they can wreck things and get out without much worry, many countries and people think like this so it snot a shock, and at the time they were seen as the world police at times(much like Britain through the years)

however, with this satire on North Korea which had become an unknown big thing at the time and their direct insults to major celebrities at the same time, this controversial film often could be dismissed but in reality it’s a really funny film.

Talladega Nights

I generally like all things, Will Ferrel, much to the annoyance of Boo who doesn’t like him, but this 2006 film starring Ferrell, John C Reilly and who of other known stars is just so silly and so stupid that I don’t think it did aswell upon its release but as the years went on it grew into a following for many and I’m one of them, I will watch this anytime, it’s that good.

It may make Nascar look a little bad, and not the greatest acting masterpiece, and the story might not be well thought out, but it’s not trying to be, its just some over the top silly fun.

40 year old virgin

Judd Apatow may be one of the most underrated film personalities as when it comes to comedies, he’s been involved in so many, he co-wrote this with Steve Carell, who had been on the rise thanks to the Office TV Series, which is one of favourite comedy series sin history (another conversation for another day), but this stars Carell in arguably his stand out performance in 2005 following on from Anchorman where he was one of many people, but this era saw the rise in these American comedies in which so many I hold dear to my heart, 

I have friends that remind me of the character, this is a genuine experience for some, it isn’t a silly as people might think this story would be, however, if you also analyse who in it? wow, this is a cast, there are a host of people in quite early roles in their comedic career, some that would be in future films together, thus the performances are great, you could argue there’s a love story but its a side note if we are honest, it’s also one of those films I watch yearly.


You can probably guess my type of humour by now, but I love Family Guy and FYI I love Wahlberg, but in 2012 the directorial debut of Seth Mcfarland, as he writes and long with outer Family guys compatriots, a film about a boy and his best friend Ted, a Teddy bear that comes to life with a wish, but what’s great about this film, is this type of thing isn’t unusual in the film world, it comes all Rosey and jolly and happy, buy what you never see in the future, and that’s this film, what happens when they grow up etc.

It’s brilliant, it showed Wahlberg as a very capable comedy actor, as well as the ability from the Family guy team to do a film etc, I’m that kid from the 80’s so I get a lot of the jokes as they spread across the eras of jokes, especially with Flash. The sequel though wasn’t great at all, and I was really disappointed.


This for me is a little controversial, I’ve broken my own rule and this 5th slot isn’t perhaps the film that should be there, however, Hangover was a great film, and was a more mature and different comedy when it came out in 2009, alot of other comedies in those previous 10 years from America were a bit silly, but even though this was at times, it was still more mature than those other ones with a more R rated feel to it,

It depicted 4 friends (kind of) going to Vegas and celebrating the marriage of Doug, one of the friends who they lose on the first night, and don’t remember what happens, thus trying to retrace their steps, in reality going to Vegas to celebrate and doing some….urm…dodgy stuff, isn’t far out there in the story,

i imagine many…..many people have done this, maybe not the level of the film though lol, but its a great film with a solid cast, the sequels though for me were not great, and I really don’t like the third one, I think its that old rushing out sequels without taking their time in making sure it’s well written and right.


Like I said right at the top, its might era, these comedies are my generation and you will see a pattern of comedies that I loved, if I’m honest I do enjoy British TV comedy but often the films are a letdown, and over the last 20 years there haven’t been great British comedy films, things like Shaun of the dead, hot fuzz are great,

But like it said they are the bridge in horror or Action etc, so yes many of my choices are American style comedies, Hangover could be replaced with many of the other films below, I just wanted something a little different.

Below is a list of alternatives, I’ve done way more than 5 because it is my favourite genre, and I couldn’t cut it down.

Role models | A great film, still a worthy watch every year.

Super Troopers | An silly out there comedy but with a twist, have you ever watched what they have done

Anchorman | Probably in my top 5 in reflection over Hangover

Old School | It’s not an all-out comedy, like a few of these American Group Comedy films, bits it’s still great and was one of there first.

Wedding Crashes | American group of actors and films that i love like the others.

Dodgeball | That American group of films that i love again…

Road Trip | This was the alternative and other big teenager names from the American Pie days

Other Guys | its more of an action-comedy, but a solid film from Wahlberg and Ferrel

American Pie 2/3/ Reunion | I’ve talked about how much I love American Pie films, it should probably be in the 5

Euro Trip | I still like it all years later, a sleeper film for many (Scotty doesn’t Know)

Superbad | A Teen comedy one of the last big ones

A million ways to die in the west | A very underrated film, hated it the first time, then I rewatched it and loved and thinks its fantastic


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