My Top 5 Musicals

Musicals have been around for many years and for many people some of their favourites in history if I’m honest I’ve been around them all my life being in a female dominant environment, and I don’t actually mind them, I like music and there often still got a story with those catchy songs, they like comedies can often raise spirits and change your mood, even in a cinema this can be dazzling in the performances, with many crossing over the stage musicals or vice versa.

However, with all these years there we many films to choose from as musicals go back nearly a hundred years, even with the odd lul’s through some of the decades, they have been one of the more consistent genres so deciding on my top 5 wasn’t easy, as they don’t really age the same way as most other Genres.


From 1978 is Grease, arguably the most widely known Musical film in history, starring John Travolta, Olivia Newton-john among others its songs dominated the charts in an era where it was hard to do, its story was solid and has been done countless time in different variations, let alone on stage etc, its one of the earliest films I remember as my family loved it, the sequel wasn’t bad as well, Boo prefers that one as does quite alot of people, but grouped together they are a dominant force, in film and musical history.

Mary Poppins

Who doesn’t know Mary Poppins? who doesn’t know Julia Andrews? she and Dick Van dyke are timeless throughout, and for its day was groundbreaking its special effects, but that gets forgotten about, its one many awards and has a high average score across any pole, which tells you how widely loved it, with the sequel a couple of years ago adding new life into the franchise, it wasn’t as good but it cant be we all knew that, but it’s still an ok watch, however, this truly was a masterpiece in all our childhoods.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Much like Mary Poppins who doesn’t know Chitty bang bang? hugely popular from 1968 starring Dick Van Dyke, which is no doubt been watched by almost everyone in their childhoods lol, like MP full of recognisable songs let alone the main song that most people know some words from it, wonderful film, and one close to my heart, let alone it was written by James Bond’s Ian Flemming!

Mama Mia

I’ve grouped Mama Mia together as my house loves both films, from 2008 and 2018 full of Abba songs, the story is fine and spawned from the musical written by Abba Writers, Bjorn and co, the music and performances carry’s it through regardless and if you like Abba songs you can’t really be annoyed with either film, its great, and is one that we regularly watch in our house, both films show an all-star cast in a truly gigantic film and one of the most modern-day Musicals there’s been.

The Greatest Showman

For how good Mama Mia was, The Greatest Showman is arguably the most know Musical since there haydays of over 40 years, its songs dominated the charts which is very hard to do now, and even a reworked album with current pop stars showed the popularity of the film, you could argue it was a slow burner when it came out and grew and grew in popularity, its songs still get played on the radio and still heavily watched by many, its a great cast with Hugh Jackman showing his full range.


Musicals have slowed down as the years go on but every so often there is one that does well, but in reality, as I said earlier many of them are timeless, even for the youngsters like High school Musical that for a few years spawned many from Disney on their channel, which for some when there older would make there list, not mine though lol, Roo loved all of those, they are timeless and many of our memories will have had these at some point.

An alternative list of films that could been in yours

Rock Horror Picture show | A cult film, very dfferent in its age

Into the woods | A diferent take from Disney, its ok and worth a watch.

Sounds of music |  A classic and could have been on the list and is for some.

Oliver | Who doesnt know Oliver lol for many its in our childhoods

Willy Wonka | If I was doing a classic list it’s on it, one of my earliest memories is this film.

Fame | A classic, spoke of an era of different times

The Muppets | Hugely underated film, a great musical and good film.

Wizard of OZ | It is a musical but the story is as good, probably in that list of one of the most recognisable films of all time, let alone Musical, and deserves a place on its own.


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