The fun of Shop Christmas displays

There are many things to enjoy at Christmas and for some, it can be decorations, lights, displays, Santa Claus visits and of course, presents or food, but one of the more subtle things that can make you smile or grab your attention is the displays at Shops, full of Christmas goodness, enjoyment, and fun.

shop displays

Over the years

Over the years we have of course visited many shops and looked at a variety of shop displays as we looked and what we ould buy for own house and displays. With the comes coming along of course we continued to visit more as we switched to add more variety of decorations and Christmasy type stuff.

However, with the kids you tend to make more of a bigger deal about it, you pay more attention to what’s in front of you as you explain or talk to the kiddies, you may have some interactive toys and look at the lights etc, but essentially you’re looking at it more compared to perhaps in the past where we would have skimmed over it.

Having Kids

Having seen all these with the kids you start to take much more notice of the displays, you become more excited and interested by the theatrical displays that shops and garden centres etc put on, yes they are to sell the items but half the time these displays are displays that compliment what’s happening.

They can be big, small, lit up or animatronics but they can be so beautiful to see at times, and at Christmas, it really brings you that spirit seeing all the displays. For me you even can that smell surrounding it, I actually enjoy that cinnamon apple spicey smell or even some of the other Air fresheners that are out there to help with that smell, you get it from the shops as you stand there looking, it just adds to that whole atmosphere.

Working in Retail

Working in retail for over 20 years I do have that detail mind, most of my working career I have had to deal with displays and merchandising, so when I look at that type of thing in shops I do have an interest. Excite me perhaps isn’t the word but I do appreciate it and do judge it a little but I Christmas displays get taken to another level when it comes to merchandising.

So whether you like the over the top displays with lights, snow, animatronics, noises, every decoration that the shop has, or whether you like the more classy particular laid out displays, or like me where you like the light selection in displays, there are lots of choices, kids love to see them and for me, they have been an unexpected joy at Xmas when you are out and about shopping.


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