Lego 75968 | 4 Privet Drive

Lego 75968, 4 Privet Drive is home to an early Harry Potter and features 797 pieces and has 6 minifigures, 5 are unique to this set, but also focus on the Privet drive and the Weasley Flying car in a daring rescue of type. Its RRP is £69.99 and set from the film and book of Chamber of Secrets.

lego 75968

Lego 75968

Being big Harry Potter fans, especially the Films the family always takes an interest in this Lego Set, this one was more of the older style set in its simplicity and reminds you of how far the character comes, it also sets the more intriguing start to the characters and stories with Dobby etc…

Harry Potter

There’s a couple of main versions of Harry Potter through the years with slight variations, this one covers the first couple of years, the smaller legs, the longer flopping hair and then generally different prints on the tops. He’s as ever very good, there’s always lots of choices and this was still good.

Ron Weasley

Like Harry, he also has several different versions but with a few solid bases to start it, he also has smaller legs to show his age, while his traditional hair for this era is also present, his brown legs, light brown and red undeath are fantastic and easily recognisable for the character.

Dudley Dursley

In the second wave of Harry Potter sets we aren’t yet to see the Dursley family but we finally do now, in the early films and stories they are present in the back story of Harry potter, played by great actors perhaps get forgotten about, so now they are here. It’s always difficult to show larger/fatter characters in lego and it’s still the same here, however, you can forgive it because it does look good in his red, checkered jumper.

Petunia Dursley

As we mentioned it’s great to see these characters and Petunia who has that self-rigtous, above-herself kind of attitude shows her false prestige as she looks good in the white and floral top, again perhaps not showing her size buts that fine.

Vernon Dursley

Vernon was more of the bad guy in the opening moments at the Dursley house looks great, as I mentioned played by great actors, his outfit also looks really good and definitely is a solid choice, whereas his facial features are probably the more recognisable of them all.


For many Dobby is one of the most loved characters in the franchise, and this in the second wave would be the first time we see him, and like all these Minifigures they are all improved from the previous incarnations from years ago. Dobby for the most part looks good, maybe…I don’t really like him, he looks out of proportion with his head not quite right and being a minifigure of course his body is too wide, which ultimately is something to just take. However, just compared to the other Minifigures in the set he just doesn’t seem right.


The privet drive sign is almost as famous as the building and looks fantastic with an Owl sitting apon it. However speaking of Owls Hegwig is also here to accompany Harry, as is his suitcase but one of the best things is the cake, used in the scene when Dobby makes the cake float and drop, shown in this clear stand.

Weasley Car

The Ford Anglia which was one of the stand-out moments in a memorable film looks very well designed, remember it’s an old weathered car for those that might not remember the car in real life. But it looks great in baby blue, with stickers on the windows and the box shape, but the boot holds a secret with chains to pull on the window for Harry to escape.

4 Privet Drive

Now before we start if you have read any of my previous building reviews you know I don’t like half builds, this is for a variety of reasons and unfortunately, this is exactly the same issue… however let’s put that to the side. From the front it looks absolutely great and is imideatly recognised in the place its meant to be, the Envelopes print on the door showing the letter of invitation is excellent details.

The traditional brick style with the light brown/cream with the more pale dark brown/orange bricks. But the roof for me looked really good, it was lots of building up the same pieces but again shows you the evolution of roofs in lego these days, a great chimney and ariel sit upon high were flowers and bush at the front.

Turning around the building there’s two floors, the ground floor is a snippet of the main lounge area with purple chairs and sofas, a rug in the middle and then a great family picture, minus Harry, over the fireplace. Inside the Fireplace and chimney are hidden letters, that you can a cog to shoot them out, much like a scene in the film.

Of course a big part of the point of Privot drive is Harry sleeping under the stairs, this is hidden underneath will a wall to the side able to extend out so you can see this. However it’s all a bit tight and you can see some of the detail of stickers etc that you used in the initial build, it’s small and I see the point but a little bit too much.

On the top floor is Harry’s bedroom which from the Chamber of secrets film he now has, this has a removable bar window for the car to hook on and pull for Harry’s big escape. In the room is abed, a newspaper about the boy who lived, and an iconic picture of Harry’s picture.


The set piece count is a tad low for the price of the set, and as I said earlier I’m not a fan of these half buildings where you see the building sliced, though from the front it’s great, the inside is a little disappointing. The effort of trying to cram in a lot of detail is excellent, but I think it’s a little in vain, the Minifigures and the car are great, a strong mini-figure lineup while the Car is a great representation of the film.


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