School return 2021 | Piglet moving on up

Its School Return!, With Roo approaching the final run at high school, Tigger is in his final year of primary school before his High school adventure begins, there is Piglet… the outspoken, confident, adventurous, demanding, cheeky girl entering her first year, Nursery and Reception was over, it was time for her school return and for her, the school properly, but how would she get on?

school return

No Worries

I’ll be honest, if there’s one kid that I’m not worried about school return, and not worried about how she will get on in a new year it Piglet, I’ve detailed before what type of girl she is, she took Nursery and then a reception in her stride, with classes swapping and friends moving around etc some kids may struggle in there early days understanding what’s going on but not her.

Almost nothing has fazed her, cooked lunches, routines, drop-offs and pick-ups, after school clubs, everything that you may not realize that you have to go through with young kids but you do, with her it’s not really stopped her or ever been a problem, she embarrasses it all, much more than the other two.

Throughout the summer she has been counting down to school, often talking about her friends, her last teacher, and her new one, this would be a regular conversation and would have alot of detail, she had even drawn two pictures for her new teacher in preparation.

But this is her and what she’s about, she has that natural confidence and isn’t really afraid to tackle things. I’ll be honest when we have had those drops offs and looking around with people and how they interact with there kids, and how their kids behave im do feel very lucky in Piglet, she causes very few issues and will always listen if she looks like she might be a bit naughty.

Kids her age

Even though Tigger and Roo have been good with her and playing, there is an age gap, 5 years to Tigger and 9 to Roo, so at this point where they are going more teenager interests and focus, this leaves Piglet a little behind, so spending time with her friends is far more important, and getting back to school emphasizes her need and want to return.

For me I will again miss her, I miss all the kids obviously but Piglet and I have spent more time together than at the age with the other kids, due to me being more stay at home dad, but it’s fine I still get to see her more than I used to.


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