7 Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Showing your appreciation for the guidance and unconditional love a Mother gives throughout the year can be done in a number of ways. While buying a personal gift at the store is a wonderful way to show your Mother that you are thinking of her, a homemade gift will do just the trick. Mothers are notorious for loving homemade gifts. Here are five ideas gift ideas you can make right at home.

A Photo Album

I bet Mom has tons of pictures laying in a box somewhere but no time to organize them. Between all the cooking, cleaning, working and taking care of children it’s hard to add that to the list of priorities. Get a photo album and add some personal touches to the cover. A little ‘ To Mom Love: You’ will make it something she cherishes forever.

Put the pictures in either chronological order or in order of the most memorable times. Add captions when necessary of evens and every time you come across a picture of your Mom, or a picture of you two together, be sure to write a caption underneath those. It’s not about making the neatest, most presentable, album; It’s about putting a little bit of time and effort into a personal gift that your Mother will love.

A Flower Bouquet

Remember when you were young and picked the dandelions in the yard before it was mowed? Mom put them in a cup of water and told you how beautiful they were. I bet when she thinks back on those memories when you gave her a thoughtful bouquet of weeds she tears up. Do it again. You can pick different flowers if you’d like or the same old dandelions; It never mattered what kind of flowers or weeds they were. I bet Mom will still put them in a vase or cup of water and set them in the middle of the kitchen table.

A Handmade Card

Use coloured pencils, make it on the computer, or even use crayons to make her a colourful and personal card. The draw of a picture of something that reminds you of Mom and explains the reasoning inside or creates a poem. You can create it on a blank sheet of computer paper or construction paper. The options are endless in what to use and what to put into your homemade card. The options are just as different as the Mothers who receive them.

A Personalized Dinner

What is Mom’s favourite food? Find out and cook it for her. Set the table, create the meal, and even clean up afterwards. Make enough for the both of you and sit down and talk while you eat. Just the alone time between the two of you will be enough to give her an amazing Mother’s Day. I would pick a simple meal for example such as spaghetti or shake and bake chicken depending on preferences.

If you need help cooking, ask her for help. She won’t see this as work, but as her passing something of her on to you. Always remember to spend as much time as you can with your Mother. It means so much to her and you don’t want to take anything for granted.

Paint a Flower Pot

You can get a plain coloured pot at any flower shop or local department store with a gardening center. Paint whatever you’d like on this pot to make it a beautiful gift for your Mother. You can end it by putting some soil in the bottom and either a seed that will grow into a lovely plant or an already grown flower.


While buying mom some jewellery might not be in the budget you may be able to make jewellery for her. A necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings can be made easier with an inexpensive kit from the craft store. A string some beads, charms, etc and you have jewellery that you can personalize for mom. You can find letter blocks to put a short message on the jewellery in between the charms on it. If you’re rather crafty you can make a matching set for mom.

Jewellery Box

While you may not be able to build mom a jewellery box for Mother’s Day with a little help you can customize one for her. A clear container from the Sporting Goods section of the store or from the craft store can be decorated. A little paint, some stickers and a message to mom will let her think of you every time she puts on her jewellery.

On this Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day, make your Mother something she’ll always cherish. Homemade gifts are the best because they hold a small piece of your hard work between the glue, paper, paint, and ribbons. Make every Mother’s Day a day to celebrate all the wonderful things your Mother does for you throughout the year.

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