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High Altitude is a Trampoline park filled with activities sports and classes all featured around Trampolining, which can be great fun, but also a variety of health benefits. Their mission “Is to work with the local community to provide a FUN, SAFE and HEALTHY and INCLUSIVE environment for families to enjoy, no matter age or ability” is something at the core of what they are trying to do, that ould get missed by the fun of it all.

High Altitude

We had the opportunity to visit high Altitude, we opted for an under 10 session due to Piglet, Tigger was 10 so he would be fine with her and it might be a bit easier as he isn’t always the most confident of boys, unlike Piglet who would be in her element. Unfortunately, even though Roo came along she still has an injured knee so no fun for her. Like most event time places sessions booking is vital, check the website for up-to-date prices and availability especially as these can differ based on the time of the days and which day, let alone school terms etc.

When you arrive

The is a reception desk so arrive earliest to get all sorted, this also includes a safety video in which you will need to watch before you enter your designated time slot, so again arrive early. The use of jump socks is required, at the time they were £2, you will need this, however, once you have bought them there’s no reason you can’t use them again in the future for return visits. Upon the completion of your safety video you can enter the main area, there are seating both ground floor and higher up but on a busy day, this could be a little limited.


There are a few tables along with the chairs dotted around but again these can be a little limited, there is a cafe-style ara serving food and drink, though we didn’t have any food as it was early in the morning when we went, we had drinks, etc.. these seem pretty standard price and nothing too expensive in comparison to some out there, we do know other people that have eaten there and was pleasantly surprised the quality of food and was fine with eating there.

Some Lockdown info

Now out visit was out of Lockdown measures due to Covid, so the measures in place were a bit of ix, to be honest, we are still wearing masks and some other people were but the staff and many others were not, likewise there was the use of social distancing arrows and floor zones, etc but again these aren’t quite being followed or in proper use, being an independent company the staff were a bit inconsistent, however for our visits no real issues, and within the activity zones, they were fine.

Activity Zones

Within the main activity zone, there are some broken up areas, the main floor filled with non-stop trampolines for people to bounce, a side area for more sport-based activities like dodgeball etc…a basketball area with lanes to help practice shots, and finally an airbag area in which you use the trampolines to bounce and land on a big inflated bag, needless to say for our two this was their favourite activity!

All of this had many trampolines and in a fairly quiet time was great for the kids to go from one activity to another, again in busy times the activities would be harder to get to use or you might have to queue etc, but the rest of the main floor is plenty enough for you to practice your jumps etc.

We did an hour blast and you can book parties etc, there’s sessions, classes etc if you want to focus on more exercise-based activities because trampolines, of course, takes a lot of work and energy, as for kids ill be honest they do get tired after an hour if they have utilized the activities, in reality, you will want to get your monies worth. Depending on the parent you might want to alternate or take a couple of breaks lol, it can get tiring but it’s good fun and for an hour or so its a great activity to for the kids that they wouldn’t normally have the chance that much to do.


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