Lego 21314 Tron Legacy

Lego 21314 is based on the Tron Legacy 2010 was the sequel to the popular 80’s Film and cult classic Tron. Being Disney the film had a big budget and did OK. I’ll be honest, I’m not a massive fan of the legacy film. I have several friends that think it’s great and go on about it….. I didn’t mind it but I prefer the original. However, with the Tron series, in general, being cool, and then this set being released I wanted to get it., Tigger is less bothered about this however he really likes the Cycles.

Lego 21314

This set was part of the Lego Ideas range, number 21, in which sets are made and proposed using the Legos ideas site. Fans have the chance to vote and the winners move on for LEGO to decide whether they wish to release it. With this is won and after a couple of tweaks from LEGO (they always do), here we go.

The set itself is small, which personally is fine its at a low price point because if it and sees 3 mini figures, two light cycles with Tron lines on a mini Tron board. The build itself is relatively quick and can be done in minutes depending on the person. Tigger could even do this with no issues at all as the design is relatively simple.

The Build…

Bag 1 sees the 3 mini figures, Quorra, Sam Flynn, Rinzler. Their costumes are great along with there helmets to add to the feel, Quorra has her sword, (watch the film), while both Sam and Rinzler have Light discs. These are stored on their backs and can be used for your displays if you don’t wish to have them on the cycles. The platform for the cycles to stand on is also in this bag again very easy to do with generally a Z pattern, see-through blue flat pieces, along with flat black pieces for the floor.

Bag 2 sees the construction of the two cycles and their Tron lines, the construction of the cycles are the same with one being blue and one being orange. This looks cool, and with there Tron lines behind them do the job. The wheels are for display and not the normal construction, so they don’t have any grip for play.

Our Thoughts…

Overall it’s a good set, the price is fine, yes everything could have been bigger but it would have been more expensive. I was thinking what would I want extra? What else would be a good addition? In reality, I don’t want anything. The cycles and the discs along with the mini figures it all I want really. If you had some light bricks perhaps this would look even better as it could glow. But that’s down to the person for there display. 


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