Easter Crafts And Activities To Make Kids Smile

Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s on its way! Celebrate the arrival of spring and the Easter holiday with festive, yet simple, crafts and activities kids are certain to enjoy.


Pump up the Easter spirit by making some Easter bonnets and planting a great jellybean garden that sprouts lollipops with your kids!

Create Easter Bonnets

Easter bonnets are a spring tradition. Instead of buying a fancy hat from your local department store this year, why not help your kids craft an original. All you need is a paper plate, a piece of yarn, a variety of pastel-coloured tissue paper cut into squares, and some lightweight Easter trinkets like mini craft chicks and Easter eggs.

  • 1. The backside of the paper plate will serve as your child’s canvas. Use the bottom of a pencil to create colorful tissue paper flowers that will cover the plate. Wrap a square of tissue paper around the bottom of the pencil, dip the tissue paper-wrapped pencil end in a small amount of glue and stick to the paper plate. Repeat until you have covered the entire back side of the paper plate.
  • 2. Next, help your child adhere the craft pieces of her choosing to her handmade Easter bonnet. Easter craft supplies to help you design the perfect Easter bonnet can be purchased at Michaels or your local craft supplies store.
  • 3. Allow your child’s creation to dry. Once dry, use a hole punch to punch a hole on each side of the Easter bonnet. Insert about a 5-inch piece of yarn into each hole and tie with a knot.
  • 4. Place your child’s beautiful Easter bonnet atop his/her head and tie the ends of the yarn underneath your child’s chin in order to hold it in place. Don’t forget to take a picture of your child sporting this new spring hat.

Plant A Jelly Bean Garden

Plant some jellybeans this spring, and watch and wait for an Easter lollipop garden to sprout! About a week before Easter Sunday grab a bag of jellybeans and scout out an empty patch of soil in your front or backyard. Help your kids bury the jellybeans in the dirt, and instruct them to water their jellybean garden every day until Easter Sunday.

On Easter eve, sneak out to the “garden” when your kids are asleep and “plant” lollipops in the spot where the jellybeans were planted. On Easter morning, your kids will be thrilled to see that their jellybean garden has sprouted lollipops just in time for Easter.

Kids love holidays! Make this Easter special for your kids with simple, seasonal crafts and activities that are guaranteed to delight year after year


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