Lego 76060 | Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum

Lego 76060 Doctor Stange’s Sanctum Sanctorum is based on the Film Doctor Strange and is set in the Sanctum, it has 358 pieces including 3 Minifigures, it was released in 2016 and RRP was £29.99 but oddly the only set released for the film.

With us being Marvel fans especially the MCU films nowadays, Doctor strange film was one of the first films in as they came away from the core avengers, which no doubt as the years go on there will be many more standalone films let alone crossovers, and Doctor strange does become a pivotal character in Infinity wars. With Lego and Marvel carrying on there partnership with sets on every film I was keen to add to the collection, I was a little surprised that there was only one set.

The Ancient one

This Minifigure is unique to the set and almost feels a little like they did it before they saw the film etc, there’s good and bad, the purple and gold clothes on the torso is fine but compared to the character they are way brighter than the film, especially the purple that’s isn’t right at all, however, the headpiece with printing all around etc is excellent, she has clear fans with a gold design on them as her weapons (made clear in the film).

Karl Mordo

This is also a unique figure and there isn’t another version at all at the time of writing, this unlike the ancient one was much closer to the character on screen, the printing and colours are great and show his design off very well, the headpiece is double-sided and looks solid, the hair is fine.

Doctor Strange

This was the first version of the Minifigure in the Lego MCU, and is very well done, with the changes over time in character in what he wears in particular more green, this version is likely to be the only one that is blue, which looks fantastic with the eye of Agamotto present (time stone), but its the red cape that looks the best and easily distinctive and most recognisable,

The hed piece looks good fits but the hair isn’t perhaps right, it’s a cross between the comic book version and the film version, somewhere in the middle but neither is right, this will evolve no doubt, he like the ancient one has a defensive weapon but his are clear discs.


Now if you have read my previous Lego reviews I’m not a fan of half buildings, so the idea of seeing a room doesn’t fill me with joy, but both Friends and Big bang theory proved me wrong with the larger Room design, and this is what they have gone for in this, from the outside this is not a set that you would ever turn around there’s practically nothing going on from behind, it’s all about the front as the back is plain and you see the mechanics of the monster. Speaking of the monster its odd.

Its fine that there showing the potential enemy coming through a dimension portal etc and the monster is fine as its the similar design to a star wars or guardians galaxy monster or set, and with the cog mechanism it does look fun, however, it’s not in the film, it’s not something you think of in the film or one of the bad guys etc…

The rest of the room is filled with a variety of bookcases, tables, objects and accessories etc. there are all things to help decorate the office/room and shows some different technics etc, the big stand out of course is the window, which is synonymous with the Sanctum and is the stand out again in a later Sanctum set for Infinity wars.

Using meta sword esc type blades across a made circle is excellent and is replaced in the future with just printing so this is a nice touch, as I said for the rest of the room it’s just similar items that you would see in a generic office with the exception of 2 long moveable clear lengths that allow for movement of Minifigures up and down, this is a neat idea though they don’t stay in a position for the Minifigures to be in position.

Their weight just pushes them back down and they might as well be standing on the floor, you have to hold them in position but the thought process is to see them in a fight position jumping or climbing the walls etc.


Its a good set in a few ways, the price is fine and anywhere between £20 and £25 is what you would have expected, the play value is fine though with the monster just spinning around its a little limited, it does feel usually for Lego a much more of a display piece with only front view, nothing on the back and even the clear lengths for an effort to set the position.

The Minifigures overall are good the ancient one is not and lets it down but the headpiece is still good enough that’s it’s still great to have, both Strange and Mordo are unique and again to have in your collection, the fact that no other character or an actual film scene is present shows that its a little disappointing, and that is why its a little mixed in popularity, I’m in the middle of it, I like it in anyways but it does bug me those points, but as I get every MCU set and this was weirdly the only one from the film I had to get it.


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