Lego 76108 | Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown

Lego 76108, Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown is the largest of the MCU  Avengers Infinity Set, it has 1004 pieces and includes 5 Minifigures such as Spiderman, Doctor Strange, and Ironman. This set has one of the only buildings from the avenger’s films and actually is the closest thing to a modular building in the Lego Marvel Range, this scene is from one of the first of the Infinity war films, its RRP is £89.99

As we’ve said many times we thoroughly enjoy the MCU, in particular, Tigger and I love the films etc, so when we see these sets we are always looking forward to building and reviewing them, this set was my last one to get, it to ages and I finally got it and it was a reasonable price. This was a different set to the Marvel norm which also added to the excitement of the build, however many of the other infinity and Endgame sets have been a letdown at points, so how would this go.

Cull Obsidian

He was introduced in the infinity film as one of the more powerful bad guys, he’s much larger and thus the big figure version of him is similar to Hulk, he looks fine from design, with these villains and aliens there often a little cartoony and this is also the case, not perhaps the most menacing and ultra-realistic, but the biggest disappointment is his weapon, its nothing like the film version which is odd as it would have been easier to do.

Ebony Maw

Much like Cull, Ebony is difficult to do, I get it, so his design is ok, he looks an old frail but powerful spell caster, the figure though haven’t got the height the print looks fine, he has 1 face but print around the head, as well as a semi-detailed torso, he fires yellow energy blast flinger, which gets perhaps isn’t accurate, but how can you do invisible powers lol.


Its the spiderman Iron suit version, which is a great addition to this range of Figures, a gold, red blue, and black, with gold spider legs coming from the back, shows the level of detailed which is excellent, he has some web accessories though not the normal amount which is still ok.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange isn’t in many sets, but his figure is also great, a two cape effect is the stand out with some excellent printing on the torso and his distinctive looks of the head, unlike Spiderman he does have his accessories in the shape of an assortment of orange effects.

Iron Man

Iron man MK 50 is the Nano and latest version (excluding white), his print is good perhaps not as good as the nano version on the screen, he has a removal headpiece with the traditional iron man flip part,  he also comes with his own selection of accessories styled in light blue, similar to Doctor Strange.


The building is modular and has 3 floors, it takes many styles to those creator module big brothers, however, to keep the price down its two halves, you could do back to back to play or half-open to looking. as a corner, the Pizzaria and apartment is one side and the sanctum on the other side.

Being a half style design its inside area has limited detail and play value inside but it does try, and this is one of the major differences in a normal creator modular building, the pizzeria side I think looks better, the sanctum side is, of course, difficult to do as it would be more like museum, office etc, but it’s fine, there are some nice little detailed parts in it.

The window at the top stands out as it should and really makes the point of what the building is, there are a couple of additional pop-out parts for play, which is a little odd as it doesn’t in the film, but Lego does like these pop-out effects on their buildings.

The outside looks very pretty and fits right at home on a street if you were a collector, and the little details with the brickwork and architecture are always good. Tigger did most of the build on this one as I normally do the bigger modular, so this was a chance for him, and in reality, there wasn’t anything that stood out that was difficult, being that half build a floor at a time and kid can understand it and build, with enough detail to keep it a little more entertained, the figures are always easy.


Its arguably the best set from the infinity wars range, and one of the better sets in the Marvel sets overall, partly because of it being that rare Modular looking set, the price of £89.99 isn’t bad for what you get though I still think a little cheaper would have been better, you head towards a hundred and over and you then get close to its bigger modular brothers and you then might see some criticism but its good.

Many marvel buildings are often small buildings with no details or a small amount of pieces os be thankful of it, just odd it’s in a set where the building is hardly in the film, and most of the action of the scene happens outside.

They should have added Wong Minifigure at the very least and Bruce Banner as these two were the others in the scene, the Minifigures are fine, bit up and down, its nice to have Cull and Ebony though perhaps a little underwhelming but it’s still a good set, even with that, for play value its again one of the better sets for kids with multiple interactive parts

For collectors and AFOL its actually a good start and could easily be expanded to a big proper modular building, it would seem out of place ina big display within a city scene, it’s not super accurate to the film but we have got used to it now so if we focus on the good parts of it all, its a good buy if you can get it a touch cheaper.


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