Lego 76126 | Avengers Ultimate Quinjet

Lego 76126, Avengers Ultimate Quinjet is one of the set based around Avengers Endgame Movie released in 2019, it has 838 pieces and 6 mini-figures including Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket, and some Chitauri, its RRP is £74.99 so makes it one of the high price sets of the whole range.

Its been no secret that I enjoy the MCU and Avengers Films have been one of my favourite films, I also really enjoy the MCU sets over the year, however, the Endgame range has left me underwhelmed (check out my others to see), so how would this set fair? Another Quinet? the white suit avengers etc.. Tigger is always involved in these ones as he loves Marvel as well, these sets are normally within his level of ability to build.


Hawkeye like the character onscreen has been slowly changed as the years have gone on, the latest version has hair and face from the more recent versions along with a simple black bow, though it would be nice to have a different bow in the world of Lego, the design has been around for many many years, and he is different, so really it would have been niced for a slight upgrade, however, it’s nice to see the Quiver is also black to match, I like these white suits and its great to have him in it for the collection alone.


He is also wearing the white suit with his hair and headpiece also continuing from Ragnarok and Infinity War, Thors Storm breaker is by his side again, the same version as the infinity war sets, none of this is really a problem however this isn’t the Thor that’s in the Endgame Film, “Fat Thor” is the character most associated with the film.

Black Widow

There’s something about Black Widow Lego character that never sits right for me, she never seems to be like the character, in this she has the white suit, and generic Hair and Head, she could be anyone, to be honest, again she looks fine, she has her weapons represented by two clear blue cylinders as her electric stun batons.


His design has stayed the same for a few times now with the moulded head, and the tail, he also wears the white suit and his addition is some black shoulder pads, normally these are brown in other sets, he has a gun that combines a couple of pieces, this is a good idea to expand a look for a simple blaster that’s often used, he often gets given a slightly modified gun over the years which is a nice touch.


The Chitauri hasn’t actually been in sets for a long while so it makes a nice change to see them back, and quite unexpected, they are grey with gold and black decals, these look fine compared to the onscreen versions, however, the gun design is quite good with gold pieces either side of a blaster and purple cone on the front.


There is a little quadbike style vehicle that can be stored on the ship, its actually pretty good in design and build with simple but still looking good design, two wheels on the back and one on the front with the ability for someone like Hawkeye to lie down on much like a Tron style bike, there has been many and many and many bikes/quad bikes etc through the years, but for me this one is ok, not sure in the film how it fits but hey ho.


The Quinjet seems the biggest and most detail version yet, however, it does have many elements an ideas from 76107 Thanos ultimate battleship, certainly from the front and wings, but it does extend much further back with another cockpit and multi engines display. Its mainly Blue with Decals, Black and Orange see-through cockpits, these can hold multi avengers and gets shown very little in the film, it seems much more of a re-imagined version of it. However, its impressive wingspan and wingtips make its look great and is relatively sturdy.

From underneath and the pure base of the ship feels much more like a Star wars build, and I imagine many of the techniques and tools of that theme were used here in the beginning parts, but it does have a fairly good size floor space in the middle, to house seats and screens, but with an open view either side of the hover style circler pieces that has grown in the MCU with some of the ships and sets with already mentioned, showing that Tony Stark tech has come on from the early days.

The rear has two main parts, apon the top is a theatrical big engine house components, that surrounds the lower cargo hold, these have 4 engines that connect, these are made separately and placed on, the blue and the stepped orange looks fantastic. inside the back cargo hold is an automatic gun, that’s stored in the back and in one fluid motion comes out of the hatch and sits on top for a big machine gun ESC style attack, there are some stud launches but this is great and is rarely done in any sets.


Overall it’s a fine set, and possibly the best of the endgame sets, maybe, but like all of the endgame sets there are issues and one underlying issue that’s carried the theme. I assume Disney didn’t allow anyone to see anything like they often to do, but toymakers like Lego do get to see more than most for obvious merchandising reasons, but I cannot understand if they saw these things or whether they just ignored the film parts that they may have been shown.

Once again this set doesn’t have anything to do with the film, there in their white outfit which is part of the film, and they look great, the bike looks good but why? the quinjet looks pretty good, possibly the best version ever, but its not really in the film for any significant time or use. Fat Thor is the biggest disappointment, its nice to have another unique Thor for collectors in the suit, but in reality, this Lego Thor isn’t in the film, which is a shame as they could have produced a “Fat Thor” for one time only ever, and he would be a collectable person to buy.

The price is on the high side but Disney ones now are expensive, and the piece count to money ratio is getting worse, However, if you are able to pick this up cheaper, it’s a good set to have, the quinjet is a good playable ship and for Tigger fairly easy to build with a little challenge here and there, the mini-figures selection is fine (ignoring thor) and at this point, you will want all the White suit, Avengers.

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  • Reply Rhian westbury

    You’re right having a fat thor would have been both in keeping with the movie but also fun. It’s good that you’ve said it’s one of the better avengers ones though x

    11 July 2020 at 4:54 pm
  • Reply Niraj Shah

    This certainly looks like a fun set. I have’t watched the avengers though so don’t know much about the characters!!

    11 July 2020 at 9:07 pm
  • Reply Rebecca Smith

    Jack and his Dad collect Lego and they hadn’t yet seen this one. Looks like one to add to the birthday/Christmas list!

    12 July 2020 at 2:01 pm
  • Reply Emily Underworld

    I’m a big fan of the themed Lego sets, and this one looks great! I’m more of a Star Wars gal than Avengers, but I love the cute figures! You’re right in saying they often don’t fit the storyline of the films, I’d never noticed that before.

    12 July 2020 at 3:22 pm
  • Reply Yeah Lifestyle

    I really love reading your blog and my son and I are huge Lego fans (mainly my son) and we like to read your reviews and to see the photos. The Avengers ultimate has now been added to our wish lish

    12 July 2020 at 8:38 pm
  • Reply Sally Akins

    What a fantastic set, I bet this will be on a lot of Christmas lists. But they should definitely have made a ‘Fat Thor’ figure, I thought he was brilliant in the film!!

    13 July 2020 at 10:41 am
  • Reply Kira

    Oh we love the avengers . This looks like a really fantastic set up . Great job with it !

    13 July 2020 at 10:58 am
  • Reply Kara Guppy

    That looks awesome. We went to Smyths for the first time at the weekend and my husband was lusting after some of the new lego sets

    13 July 2020 at 1:06 pm
  • Reply Playdays and Runways

    This looks like a great set. My son has just started to enjoy building Lego sets and as a huge Marvel loving family this would be a great choice.

    13 July 2020 at 3:24 pm
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