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LEGOLAND is located in Windsor near London and is home to all things lego its part of the Merlin group in which you can also your Merlin Passes, from displays to rides, attractions to fun play areas, it’s great for kids and Lego fans alike. Halloween is always a big thing for merlin parks and Lego has always gone big with Brick or Treat in their efforts to celebrate it, so how is going this year?.

Brick or Treat

Brick or Treat

As you will have read before we are big fans of Lego, and have been to visit Legoland in Windsor several times, but with everything that’s happened and our busy life we haven’t been to celebrate the brick or treat Halloween special for 3 years, which is very odd as in the past it was something that we’ve enjoyed, and something I’ve always been Impressed how much effort Merlin do in their parks.


There aren’t any new rides or big attractions, however, the idea is there are lots of additional Halloween-themed fun to complement your day. There are lots of decorations and even the staff get heavily involved, many of the rides have additional Halloween-style decorations aswell as a massive amount of Pumpkins, something we talked about on the day that there is surely over 1000? seriously though there were so many dotted all around the park which was a great addition.

Covid restrictions even at Halloween

In the past there were more interactive areas and activities for kids to get involved, and Halloween especially had these, this year based on the last couple of years with lockdowns etc, there is practically none, many of the Lego build areas have been covered up or removed, in the imagination area within the reef-building there was a small pumpkin build but that’s now pretty much it within the park, which is odd and like us, if you have come a few times over the years it’s just odd so see it like it is now.

The only other big negative which is also related to this is the enchanted forest, historically this is a big area for Halloween with interactive parts, etc but this time it was essentially a decorated photo area with a small walk, I’m not completely dismissing it and its fine to do but in reality it’s a quick walk around and you’re done.

Is it Busy?

If you time this day right especially during the week you can have a casual nice walk around with small waits for rides, but 15 minutes isn’t that bad with only a couple spiking at 30 minutes during the day, compared to most parks including Legoland it can go way over an hour, this will obviously increase at the weekends.

If you haven’t been over the last 12 months maybe even 2 years, the pleasant thing you will notice is the upgrades, all Merlin parks have had things done especially as they were closed for a while and upgrades were applied, Legoland, in particular, is no different with a much-needed facelift in areas. The shop and Cafe opening area have been completely redone, as have some cafe areas around the park, the new Mythical area has also upgraded a pretty wasted area of the park and improved it.


It may not be fantastic weather or the height of summer, you may not be thinking about visiting theme parks at seasonal times like Halloween, but personally, I like them, and the kid has always enjoyed these times of years at the parks, Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year and thus for its a great combo, for kids, this is still an excellent day out and if they’re less than 12 and even more so less that 8, they will really enjoy the day.

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