Top 10 Holiday Destinations

Do you want to travel somewhere special for the holidays? You will find many great destinations, including the following.


Many of these locations are well known, but for me there are a few that would definitely be on my bucket list, and within them there are so many great things to see and do.

New York City

New York City is a great place to spend the holiday season. You can go ice skating outdoors and see the famous giant Christmas Tree. You can watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World makes a very big deal of the holidays. They have many decorations up. This is a great location because it is fun for the entire family. They have special celebrations on different nights around the holidays.


There is a lot going on around Miami during the holidays. You will have different winter programs for the kids where they actually make snow since many of the kids haven’t ever seen it. It can also be good to get a break from the cold if you live somewhere with a colder climate.


Hawaii can be a great place to spend the holiday. You can enjoy this beautiful location in the water and on the sand.


A lot of people love to see Paris during the holidays. It is very romantic and is great for a newly married couple.

Key West

If you are looking for a casual atmosphere to spend your winter holidays, then you need not look further than Key West. They know how to party down there in the many different clubs and restaurants.

Las Vegas

Another place where people know how to have fun is Las Vegas. You will find many of the famous hotels and casinos having different celebrations and events during the holidays. You can go to the Venetian. You will find shows with a holiday theme.


If you want to explore a unique location but where people will understand you, then you could consider England. It has a rich culture and is interesting for a tourist who has never visited Europe. You can see Big Ben and Windsor Castle.


A lot of people would love a California vacation during the winter holidays. Las Angeles provides a lot of fun activities as does San Diego with its zoo and San Francisco. You might even see a movie being made in Hollywood.


This will be different for every person. A lot of people choose to go home to celebrate the holidays. It can be wonderful to spend the time with your parents, grandparents, brother, sister or other members of your family whom you have missed. For many this is the best destination of all.

There are many great holiday destinations. Consider the above choices when making your selection.


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