Lego 21326 | Winnie the Pooh

Lego 21326, Winnie the Pooh is part of the Lego Ideas range and celebrates Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, it contains 1265 pieces and features 5 unique minifigures and Winnie Pooh’s house within 100 Acre Wood, its RRP is £89.99 and features many of the beloved characters.

Lego 21326

The Lego 21326 Ideas book

As my Lego years have gone on and my collection has grown and changed, the Lego Ideas range for me often is one of the better themes you can get, and they are often one of the most sort upsets and ones with a lot of press, largely because of the process in the original design by the public and then voting and finally, Lego making the decision in whether to do it or not.

Here a shock, we are Disney fans, and if you have any of my blog posts or social media this will also not be a shock, we love Winnie the pooh, the kid’s nicknames and on social media are Tigger, Piglet and Roo, guess where these come from! so once this set was on the cards this was the ultimate set for us to purchase let alone at first look it was pretty cool, it would be just building this one.

However, it a Lego idea set, which often means it’s not perhaps suitable for younger children, this has a lot of smaller parts and finesse so some help from an experienced lego builder or adult would be better for those younger kids.

The Set is a Lego idea which means there box and booklet is often a delight, and this one is absolutely no different, the box is the new black design which adds a little more maturity and professionalism but the booklet itself is treated like the Winnie the pooh books. Its style is the drawn effect from the books, much like the pages of a book and is always good to read through the detail. The nod to the creators and designers of the final set is included but again it’s a wonderful design.

Winnie the Pooh

The star of the set sees Winnie the Pooh accompanied by a balloon, his mini-figure is unique to this set. His moulded head is excellent and the printing of the torso and arms is on both sides, the front looks good as its shows the top isn’t big enough etc. I didn’t wonder whether he would have a specially moulded torso because of who he is and this is perhaps the reason he doesn’t look quite as round and plumpy as he could do, with the full-size legs he is quite tall for what he is.


The ever-popular and Cute Piglet looks fantastic, he’s is also exclusive and has his red scarf, which is a great addition and one of his iconic clothes. Like Winnie, the moulding of the head is bang on and the printing is also excellent, the smaller legs suits piglet for obvious reasons.


He like the previous two is excellent in design and is arguably the best with great printing on the torso as the stripes and chest look as he should, the head is also another triumph and alongside his tail caps of a great. He is carrying his sack which for a note is a new colour in the lego world, this is a good choice showing something from his previous stories.


The more unusual minifigure of the group, the brilliant blue-grey colour and along with the magenta bow is excellent, he naturally isn’t the same s the other minifigures as they stand on two legs like the classic minifgures, so he has the sitting position which allows him to still on some Lego studs, the only negative is weird there’s not nail holding the Tail, arguably his most iconic part.


In contrast to the rest, is that Rabbit figure is kind of off, as a rabbit he looks fine and could be just a generic rabbit, looks good nice colours etc. but for the character of Rabbit of Winnie the Pooh? It just off, the head doesn’t look that detailed and doesn’t match his more moody concerned self, likewise is the torso where the printing is fine but it’s not as detailed as the rest, he has a carrot to accompany his thought.

Winnie the Poohs house

A large part of piece count is of course the tree, and to be honest, the leaves and branches add a significant amount in their own right, but with the completed design it looks great and actually different from many other trees etc. the main central part usees several pieces to slowly build up with it essentially sitting on house-like structure, thus behind had the house and in front with plants etc built-in.

The tree extends up and uses technic to allow 6 main canopies with 4 sets of trees to attach, hiding the tree and brilliantly made beehives and bees underneath. You could argue the piece count is strong but this is to parts like this, the theatrical leave arrangement though as I said earlier is different to the average build so you could forgive this.

Around the bases of the tree at the front is bushes and plants that are near the door but dotted around the garden area are little gems like a lardy bird, snail, Mushrooms. there’s also a Log bench, with characters that can sit on it, but a campfire sits next to it for the characters to stay warm, while honey pot sits behind.. empty from Pooh bear eating it.

The doorway has the sanders sign and looks great in the base of the tree, swing it around and you get two half build areas, that can come together and show depth, though I imagine some would leave it open if you were to display the whole st from the front. But the colour design is excellent with a red, cream roof and black chimney popping out, another fantastic detail within the elements of the set.

Inside is the entranceway and two rooms, the entrance and hallway have the other side of the door with a mirror, map and tea set, it looks great along with an umbrella.

One side of the rooms houses a little cooking pot/kitchen. with table and chair, the chimney for the cooker stretches out to the previous chimney that I mentioned, the blue used in some of the decors like the chair is a needed splash of colour, the curtains again add that colour whereas the picture of bees on the wall is neat.

The other side of the room is the bedroom, with such small places the bed table with candle and excellent clock on the wall are all fantastic. Again with the curtains among the other blues show the colour detail.

Both rooms have small little attic space where the roof angles down, one side has some extra honey pots which again is great, while the other side has a chest with C.R signifying Christopher Robin.


I’m probably biased on the set, for the subject matter it’s excellent, and there are so many neat little details and characters around the set, being Winnie the pooh’s house creatures like bees, honey pot etc all make the set feel great, along with the theatrical tree. The set cost £84.99 which is probably a little more than it should be, but unfortunately, there is a premium on Disney sets, if when its Lego ideas which is traditionally much better in value for money.

The piece count isn’t too bad to price, though as I said earlier some of that is down to the three and leaves where they used new and extra techniques to make a different tree. The Minifigures on a whole are excellent, the moulding and design is mostly the best parts of the set., Winnie the Pooh though, would look a little better in the torso as I think he deserved his own unique mould being the main character. Rabbit isn’t right, I don’t like it, it could be any rabbit and doesn’t suit who he is, the minifigure itself is fine but its just not Rabbit for Winnie the Pooh.

The biggest issue I have is the characters, if this was the one and done of Winnie the pooh then there are several characters missing, Roo is often on their adventures so they would have been vital here. Christopher Robin is absent though referenced with the crate as is Owl who traditionally read are book, which is present? Kanga is the only other notable character that should be here, being more the mother figure of the whole group, it’s a shame and the set for me will always be incomplete, however, for what it is it’s an excellent display showpiece.


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