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Screwball Scramble is a retro toy made by Tomy but has seen a modern remake of the classic toy, even a second version has been released to extend the fun. It may have been redone version of the retro toy but it will bring back a lot of the original features of the toy.

Screwball Scramble

What it is?

In case for some reason you have never seen or played Screwball scramble the pure idea of it is to move a marble/ball around a maze of challenges, getting it from one place to the other without losing or letting it fall off, now I remember when I was younger playing it, as did no doubt many people out there. Over the years there have been similar type games but none of them is the same or has the same enjoyment and feels

The kids have grown up over the years playing games, and its one of the things they have always done, and one of the few they do together,  so often when a game enters the house they will get together and play, this was no different and even though this was more for Tigger, Piglet was thrilled by it, she quickly jumped into playing it with him.  This shows you the level of playability of this game, a child whos 4 all the way up to 10 years old can enjoy it, even Roo whos older still played it.

With the challenges in the maze, they can range in difficulty to each person, it starts with a slip and slide like obstacle and this already frustrated me lol, however, Piglet and Tigger can fly through it, and that’s the point, more repetition the easier it becomes, if its this slide, the jumping podiums or the enclosed maze, its learning and using your skills and practice, all of these are operated by switches at the bottom, the pictures show you what part operates what piece.


It’s a great game, its damn frustrating, Boo was laughing how annoyed I was getting and how useless I was, whereas the kids who have been playing it more were much better, its competitive, fun, and provides some great learning in kill and patience, for some it might look simple and in the technology age it is, but try it, see if you can do it the first time…I bet you cant.


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