Byron Burger – A Dad’s Dinner review

Byron burger is an American style restaurant that largely focuses on American style Hamburgers etc.. It has limited locations around the country though mainly around London more so. It was founded in 2007 in London, however, the one we visited was located in Norwich

As a parent choosing a restaurant for the family or just the parents is always a quest, so visiting this one and looking at it from both parts was my goal. We were selective on our food choices and went for similar stuff to other restaurants as a comparison. This time we didn’t have the kids with us but my oldest has been with the wife before. 

The restaurant had a good feel to it, looks smart with its design, bar on the side as well as an open kitchen located at the back. It does have that hip/trendy feel to it, the toilets were located upstairs, maybe not the best but not terrible. There’s additional seating outside. 

Food Time!…

To start off with we decided to share Halloumi Fries, this is one of Boo’s favourite Foods in the world. She’s tried Halloumi in many places and for her, these are the nicest Halloumi fries she’s taste. I enjoyed them and I really liked the Smoke chilli BBQ sauce. There were other options but we decided to share these instead lol. They were crisp and freshly done and very tasty. 

Burgers… Boo went for her classic,  it the cheese version, with its traditional burger, American cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Ketchup and Mayonnaise. She enjoys her burger well-done, anywhere she goes she does, and in this restaurant, they give you the choice. With this are fries, they were simply but still tasty. 

I decided to have The BBQ! In retrospect, I wish I had the Big Smoke but it was slightly more expensive. I like my burgers Medium, I understand there’s a debate about how should burgers be cooked etc.. But that’s a story for another day. In my burger was Mature cheddar, BBQ sauce, Beer onions, Crispy Onions and American Mustard. With this I also had fries, there are other options, like sweet potato fries, cheese fries etc… But as ever these are an additional cost. 

We passed on deserts, to be honest, it wasn’t a great choice, a cheesecake, and brownie, a ” Cheesecake Freakshake” 2 of these were Oreo themed, the only other option was ice lollies. This was disappointing, we might have been tempted should there have been a greater option, regards to drinks we opted for water for the table and a coke zero and lemonade. 

There are a variety of other choices, with drinks their milkshakes and several alcohol options. With the food, there’s gluten-free buns, skinny option, vegan and vegetarian as well. This was made very clear right at the beginning, there were also sides and extras like many places have, but they had onion rings, macaroni cheese, rainbow slaw, sweet potato string fries, courgette fries among others. 


Overall it’s OK, if you are a fan of burger places then this is for you, it feels more expensive than others and isn’t plate filling dishes, which is odd with a limited starter and especially dessert option. Food was OK, my burger was close to rare personally, Halloumi fries were excellent and if you like fries and burgers then it does exactly what it says it does. 

The restaurant looks good from a design point of view, and gives that “going out feel “. I do not think this is suitable for a younger family, someone who’s 12 onwards would be fine, but personally, I don’t feel someone less than age gets the value for money or options. As a parents night out this is fine, but not for the younger ones. 


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